Bad-ass zoom-zoom
Moving on, while looking back...


Twenty five years ago today...

...I wore the ugliest dress in the world while wearing the biggest glasses ever made and got married.  It was a Sunday afternoon, at our little house at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City, Oregon.  We had built a small addition the summer before, or we'd never have had the room.

I can't believe I found as many photos as I did... pasted into an old scrapbook we'd started.

Don't you just love Rusty's expression in the second photo?  That's our Justice of the Peace on his left.

Our friends TJ & January witnessed the event.


Shortly after these photos were taken, more friends arrived bearing food and drink and we had ourselves a little pot-luck reception.  I recall doing some knitting during festivities, too.

Lordy.  Can you believe it?



Happy Anniversary !


Those pictures are fabulous! Happy Anniversary.

What thoughtful friends you have -- it looks like TJ spent some time finding a shirt you would remember fondly too! :-)

PS Am pretty sure my husband owned the man version of those big glasses in the early 80s when we were dating.


I love seeing these pictures. Happy Anniversary!

Word Lily

Happy anniversary!


Happy anniversary! And, consider yourself lucky that you didn't also have the biggest hair in the world. ;)


Congrats! You two look much like we did 30 years ago...all that hair and my dress was the same color, too. In 4 days we'll be 30. It is amazing. How'd we get to be this old?


Happy Anniversary!
It's the marriage that's important, not the dress!


Congratulations to you both!!!!!


Like I always tell my kids. . . you gotta look at old photos IN CONTEXT!!! I had glasses like that -- big, with some sort of "fancy" side pieces, I think even with jewels of some sort. Hideous to look at NOW, but THEN. . . hey, we were stylin'!

You both look so bright and happy! Much happiness to you both on your anniversary!


Best wishes on your anniversary! We're going to hit 25 this year too. Seems like yesterday and centuries ago at the same time.


Oh, no, I missed this!!! Happy Anniversary!!

Exactly what others have said: We were stylin' then, but OMG. The early '80s is such a wasteland for fashion. :D


Congratulations! Thank you for all your beautiful photography. You make many days more interesting and beautiful for me. I know you must for others also.

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