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Yano10 Best Movies (or Shows) You've Seen (or Will See) Lately

Well, as much as I love movies, I just don't get to the show as often as I'd like, so this will be a mish-mash of whatever I've been watching and enjoying lately.

1.  Sherlock Holmes.  I've loved various Sherlocks & Watsons over the years, but these might be The Ones.  There were some pretty good bad guys, too.  It was our Christmas Day movie.  Loved it!

2.  The Young Victoria.  This one will be seen tonight with at least one of my girls -- maybe all three!  I am really looking forward to it.

UPDATE:  Accompanied by Katie & Ali.  I loved it -- Emily Blunt was wonderful, I thought, and I believe I have a new favorite villain (see Sherlock Holmes).  I wish I knew a little more about the political goings-on of the time, but am only left with a desire to learn and will soon be hunting for a book.  I loved the song playing during credits as we left, and asked the girls if they knew who was singing -- and didn't it sound like Sinead O'Connor?  They didn't know -- and they didn't think so.  I just knew it -- that voice is prominent among those in my life's soundtrack.  I also loved the photography in this movie.

3.  This Is It.  I grew up with MJ; never went to a concert, had to see this movie.  I went with two girlfriends to celebrate our birthdays.  Loved it!

4.  Julie & Julia.  I read the book way-back-when for book club -- and also read My Life In France -- saw the movie in the theater with Katie a while back, rented a couple of Julia Child DVDs from Netflix, and received the movie DVD at Christmas.  And I actually watched the DVD at Christmas.  And peeked in while Ali watched the DVD the other day.  I have not yet had my fill of Julia Child.

5.  Men of A Certain Age.  Ray Romano rocks.  Love the casting.

6.  What Not To Wear.  I have never been a regular watcher, but I love this show and it's been added to the DVR's list of scheduled recordings.

7.  It Might Get Loud.  I bought a very inexpensive set of speakers to watch this movie.  They arrived today, so viewing will commence as soon as I get everything all hooked up.

8.  The Closer.  TNT does seem to know drama.

9.  This Emotional Life.  For some reason, this is being aired over three WEEKS in our area rather than three DAYS like the rest of the world.  I know I could watch it online; I'm recording it because other people in this house are also interested.

10.  The Tooth Fairy.  It's nuts -- this is not my kind of movie, but I think it looks kinda cute.

Yep.  I like TV and movies -- always have -- variety shows (Ed Sullivan), game shows (Let's Make A Deal), crime shows (Manix), award shows of all types, cooking shows (The Galloping Gourmet), talk shows (Johnny Carson), soap operas (day time and prime time), comedies, music -- pretty much anything but fishing, bowling, and most paid programming.  I've actually been thinking of ditching cable for a while now, though, and have recently begun to do research in earnest.  We've been watching less and less; I'd like to find a way to get more of what I do want and less of what I don't want.  Rolling things around to see how it can work for us.  I think it can, I think it can, I think it can.



Eclectic list! Thanks for the review on Young Victoria, I want to see that one, too.


Now I want to see Young Victoria. I'm not big on movies (in theaters) but Sherlock was worth the venture out. We love the Closer and Smith is into Men of a Certain Age. Nice list!


I need to catch up on all the good movies out there. The Young Victoria looks especially good!

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