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Thursday - so random

I've been eating chicken soup a lot lately. Preventive medicine, perhaps.

I've also eaten some those hot dogs that roll around on that little grill thingy -- more of them in the past week or so than in the past several years combined. They used to be Ali's favorite thing to eat -- she was my picky eater. Didn't understand why I couldn't make "good" hot dogs like they did at the gas station -- or even (*gasp*) at school!

Travelling light, I grabbed my camera on the way out the door today... then realized that I'd taken the memory card out and plugged it into the reader. With three different, readily available readers -- integrated into both my laptop and my printer, plus a stand-alone -- I've never directly connected camera to computer, and don't really want to start.

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I was sprung from work a little bit early on Tuesday -- there was still a bit of light -- and I took the long way home.  I started driving with no real destination, but thought of one along the way -- daylight was fading fast and I wasn't exactly sure how to get to the particular vantage point I had in mind.  That won't happen again, as I've printed a general map of the area surrounding said vantage point.

One of my favorite memories is traipsing through a Fond du Lac County cemetery with my sister Sharon, looking for ancestors and other family, Ave Maria blaring on the car stereo -- doors wide open so we could hear it.

Anyway, I made do.  These photos were both taken from the driver's seat of my car -- view to the right/south through the passenger's open window, above; view to the left/north, below.

Looking north


I lost that CD and a whole bunch of other favorites.  I'd put them inside a Pokemon CD case that Maddy had discarded and I think someone accidentally donated it all to Goodwill.

I woke up this morning and thought "foggy" when I looked out the window.  A little while later I heard a loud truck on the street a ways below our house... hm, it sounded an awful lot like a snowplow.  I looked outside again and what do you know?  It was SNOWY not FOGGY!  Sheesh.  Bleary much?

Winter snow/wind advisory all day.

I had my eye doc appointment yesterday.  He made some minor adjustments to correct my astigmatism and near vision, otherwise I'm a-OK.  A stylish young optician helped me choose some frames and then I called Katie to see where she was at -- I can't see a dang thing -- turns out, she was at the pet store practically across the street.  We decided on a sassy new frame, plus another for prescription sunglasses (as they don't make my most-favored magnetic clip-on styles anymore).  (Boo, hiss.)

I treated Katie and enjoyed one of the aforementioned hot dogs and some reconstituted freeze-dried soup, myself, and we had a nice long chat.

That is all.



Our landscape is bleak and gray, too. How perfect to spend an unexpected afternoon with your daughter.


Bleak and grey. . . make for lovely shots! Can't wait to see your new specs. 8-)


Beautiful photos.


I love that rim of land that surrounds (almost) Fond du Lac. I always feel part of the whole glacier thing. Beautiful images! Thanks for the smile-memory.


It is colour-less out there, isn't it? You aren't the only one who takes from-the-car photos.
Can't wait to see the new specs. I think I need a new prescription myself.

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