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What I saw along the way

Frosty treeline

I'd been planning to attend a HUGE group photo event for a couple of months, now, and my niece happily jumped in by Christmas.  Called "Heavy Metal," the shoot was held in a machine shop and sponsored by a photography group out of Green Bay called STUN (on Flickr and Facebook).  Models -- lots of models, with the makeup and the hair and the clothes; props -- lots of props with the old cars and the heavy machinery and the tools; and photographers -- lots of photographers, with the cameras and the lenses and the lights, oh the lights -- I was going to know very, very few of them.

My niece's car died last week and I ended up going alone -- which was the original plan.  The location was about a half-hour from from home on the highway, but I didn't want to roll that way.  I plotted a scenic zig-zag course on Google Maps, grabbed the Gazeteer (I really, really, REALLY want a GPS), and hit the road.  I missed the first important turn and didn't realize it for a while.  Yep, lost right off the bat.  Eventually, I found a major highway -- and turned "north," except that I'd actually turned "south" (it was very overcast yesterday and the "sun" was no help at all!) and that was the wrong way.

(It could be argued here that I really, really, REALLY need a GPS.)

Believe me, at that point I had more than a passing thought about just bagging it and going home.  I gave myself the pep talk:  It's good to get out in the world, stretch one's wings, make new connections, renew old ones -- it's an adventure, right?  It worked.  I pulled up my big girl panties and turned north, which is really great because otherwise I'd never have spotted this:

Llamas this way

(for which I had to brake, turn around and go back, of course)  ...or this:

A sign of llama

...both on the same farm.  That llama-in-a-circle sign is a spinner.  I kid you not, my friends, a spinning llama sign.  There was plenty more to see and/or photograph, but it was cold and I was late.

I made it to the shoot.  I shot.  I found a friend or two, some recognizable faces, tried not to be too weird -- but I'm afraid I was (Hi Brett!).  I was a teeny tiny bit out of my element and it was a way lotta overwhelming.  It was completely different stuff than I ever normally shoot, but that's where the stretching of wings and growing comes in.  I've posted a few to the group and have had some good response, and I'll share some here in the next few days, too.


On the way home, I found some more trees.



Gorgeous shots. Gorgeous.


Here's a site you might enjoy:

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Oh who cares what the heavy Metal with models weirdness & makeup was like, you wouldn't have gotten these sots that are so wonderful if you hadn't been on the way. Love the one with the llama on the arrow.


Show us some more!
I WOULD like to see the Heavy Metal.


I LOVE your trees... I get excited for snow and fog so that I can take pictures... lately there's been anti climatic anticipation of snow and huge distraction in my knitting... these are motivating though! :)


Love the llama!


I love to wander about, often alone, and love my TomTom GPS - look for one with a BIG map face/screen, and one that speaks the street names. I have the old ONE XL-S model. I don't worry about getting lost anymore!!! There's a site called - key in your destination and it'll show you all the LYSs along the way. Between that site and the GPS, whew, I've had fun! - Loved the llama sign!

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