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Bad-ass zoom-zoom


The STUN Photography Group "Heavy Metal" photography event was really more of a Photography Spectacular!  I don't know the official numbers, but I'd say there were close to 100 photographers and a couple dozen models -- encompassing the entire gamut of experience -- as well as a half-dozen or so hair and makeup artists.  The location was a working machine shop with two very large areas and pretty good light; props included vintage cars, other "wheels," and some furniture that was brought in, and the utilization of, um, machines.


It was STUN's first event of this nature/magnitude and it was amazingly well-run and -organized.  The bar has been set and it is sitting quite high!


As established, glam/sultry/hot/smokin'/bad-ass/fashion photography is not in my usual repertoire -- or even in my unusual repertoire -- and my experience with "models" is practically nil.  My normal procedure includes squeaky toys, jumping, clapping, crawling around on the floor/lawn/sidewalk/street, making funny faces, and singing nursery rhymes.  Overwhelmed doesn't even begin to describe how I was feeling.


I did crawl around a bit -- I've got the dirty jeans to prove it -- but I'm not sure how these guys would have responded if I'd looked at them cross-eyed or broke out with a chorus of "Baby Beluga."  Though it might have been fun to try.  Maybe next time!


The response to my images has been terrific, and it makes me wish I'd stuck around longer.  It was exciting, exhilarating, and completely exhausting -- very fast-paced with so many people around, and so much to take in and process.  I feel like I wandered around more than anything, just taking it all in -- things were very fluid and always changing.

I'm still feeling overwhelmed by it all -- but super-charged, too -- and I can't wait to do it again!



If you were out of your element no one would know. Fabulous pix! I love the red shoes...great vantage point.


love love LOVE the photos!!! You have a great eye Vicki; the shots are fantastic! Congrats for taking it on....you have serious courage to go out of your element in such a major way...looks awesome on you!


What? You think squeaky toys wouldn't work with this crowd? ;^)

These shots are fabulous! What fun to stretch and reach and leap outside the box! Congrats to you.


wow, what a jump from pictures of yarn and new specs to glam rock retro tats n shoes holy cow. ;D awwwesome!


Wow, Vicki. It looks and sounds like it was a fantastic experience.




These are fabulous.
I haven't thought of Baby Beluga in years!


I really think the squeaky toys would have been a hit. Not to mention the singing!

Lisa Ann

Fantastic photography!

Wonderful blog page also!

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