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Wordless Wednesday

Back in the saddle

Crocheted edge

I'm hookin' again!

Small victories

Yeah.  I kinda didn't want to let a little crocheting bring me down.  I don't do it often, but I know how to do it -- I took a class!  My grandma can do that, for cryin' out loud -- probably yours, too!

All this baby needs now are buttons and a little light steaming around the edges.

I wove in a bunch of ends on Mom's Habu Vest during my lunch break yesterday and will do more of the same today.  I brought my hook and the correct fiber for crocheting the tie, also.

Last night, I cast off the second front of My Habu Sweater, and cast on for the reknitting of the back.  That's rather daunting, but I'm choosing not to think or dwell on it much -- just blindly moving forward, knitting one stitch, one row, one increase at a time.

I will need to resolve Maddy's button band/closure issue tonight.  Button shopping happens tomorrow!



Perfect attitude for reknitting the Habu, kinda like "just do it." Your Olympic achievements are an inspiration!


You are on a roll and I see gold in your future!


Love it! Just keep plugging away, and soon you'll be finished. :-)


You're quickly going to be on "that stand" wearing a gold Olympic medal around your neck! Congratulations!

Cindy D

Congrats on reaching the finish line.


You are making impressive progress!

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