Wordless Wednesday

Button day

I bought buttons yesterday.  I didn't go far -- just to the Five-and-Dime in the next little 'burg -- so my selection was limited, but I found suitable buttons for three of the four sweaters I dragged along.  Sweet little off-white shank buttons for Fiddlehead Pullover; some plain black shank buttons for Oblique; and these for Maddy's sweater.

Button choice

She requested wooden buttons, which these are not, but I think they're okay.  What do you think?

Button closest yet

I love the "grain" and the little hint of blue."

Button closer

Yeah.  They had some nice wooden buttons, but not enough of any of the correct sizes in any of the designs (one or two) that I liked.

Tonight, I'll be stopping by Iris Fine Yarns to find something SPECTACULAR for My Habu Sweater.  I'm not even to the first elbow in the reknitting of the back, but I'm continuing to steam ahead.

I ran errands galore for most of the morning yesterday and ran into Mom at the coffee shop.  She came by afterwards to pick up her new vest, and called me later (after shoveling) to tell me that she put it on, she LOVES it, it fits perfectly, and she'd forgotten how beautiful it was.

I started to sew Oblique together and I am LOVING that sweater, but will have to redo a couple of seams -- I struggle with sewing TOO TIGHTLY, limiting ease and movement, and even pulling things out of shape.  Sewing a sweater together is NOT like sewing a skirt (unless it's knit) (which never will be a skirt o' mine).  Ugh.  So then I kind of hit the wall.  I sat there for a bit, but nothing was knitting itself...  So I figured out the spacing for buttonholes on Maddy's sweater and finished that off so I could start the collar.  Soldiering on... You know.



The buttons are perfect! You're so close to your goal!


do like the buttons they go so well with the yarn colour.


Oh, I LIKE those buttons for Maddy... not wood, but definitely very textural. You are amazing as you steam through your huge list of truly Olympic proportions.


I love that "hint of blue!" Lovely. And you really are making amazing progress! A whole Olympiad of beautiful sweaters!


I love those buttons and the sweater!


Those buttons are SO good with that yarn!

Lab Cat

The buttons are gorgeous. I'm sure she will forget she asked for wooden buttons when she sees them.


Amazing!! They're great buttons...and you've done so well in meeting your goals! Congrats!!!

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