Yarn ball boogie
Sweets for the sweet

Fabulous Friday

Backlit green

First of all.  The yarn.  This is my first experience with Sundara yarn and it is gorgeous -- the green ball is "ochre over lime," I believe, and the other "calla lily."  Merino.  Wonderful, wonderful stuff.  Photo is recycled from yesterday because I like it.

Sheila, the giver of my magic yarn ball, thought I might not want to wait for a surprise, so hinted that I might want to unwrap the ball of green to reveal a treasure to help "make your knitting glide thru your fingers!!"

At the center of the yarn ball was a tin holding a LaviShea Lotion Bar in the Aloe & Green Clover variety.  Oh.my.god.  I want to try them all!  It feels absolutely divine on my hands, not greasy at all, and I love the scent -- I'm a yarn-sniffer, anyway, and I love the idea of imparting some of that on the yarn as I knit.  Katie was over doing laundry and I had her try it -- and she asked to use it again before going home.  I applied it a couple of times, myself, and made sure I slipped the tin into the tote I'd be toting today.

Yay, it's Friday!!



Thanks for your birthday message yesterday - I keep hearing amazing things about Sundara, although that green alone might be enough for me to get some. Even if it didn't come with a lotion surprise!


Do not speak to me of Sundara. I must resist...


So glad you liked the lotion bar - different,eh? Love mine - took it to work -Nurses' hands are always cracked and dry - the bar is a bit smaller tonite! - also so good with knitting-gross when your yarn sticks on dry fingers.Take Care - we are getting a bunch of snow here in the Pittsburgh area - had a difficult time on these hills - guess I will sit and knit!!


What a great surprise......I'm gonna try some of the Lotion Bars......I love your yarn...the colors are wonderful...what are you making


I'm catching up on my blog reading, and here I find all kinds of wonderful news -- your sister's good results make me so very happy, and your Sundara makes me smile (that Calla Lily is one very special, practically rare color; but the green! oh, Sundara does the best greens).

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