Has it been a million years?
Yarn ball boogie


I was just about ready to put on my jacket and head out the door for Round #1 of today's errands.  I spotted this "Baktus," which was wound 'round my neck immediately upon casting off on Sunday night -- dangling unwoven end and all -- and thought I should just weave in the end, fill a bowl with Eucalan and water, and throw it in for a soak while I'm gone -- so I can wear it one of these days FOR REAL!  But oh my gosh, fresh snow from all all-dayer yesterday and wonderful sunshine -- I had to go out and throw it down in the snow for some pictures before I did anything!

This is my second "Baktus" -- the first of the "Back-to-Back Baktus," as the third is on the needles now, my last skein of Hundertwasser being lovingly knit.  They're all the same but different, just like the yarn, and I love it that way.  I love, love, love these things.

So, NOW I'm going to fill a bowl and skedaddle out the door!  Errands this a.m., medi-van service for Mom this morning as she has her second cataract surgery (next week, the fixing of a very crooked, very painful, arthritic finger) (anxious to see how that goes) (I wonder if she'll let me take before-and-after photos), an exciting photography-related appointment this evening.  There's some other exciting photography related stuff to share... soon.

OMG, the happiest news of all -- saved for last.  ; )  My sister had her first CAT scan following the "chemo vacation" she's been enjoying for the past 6-8 weeks -- and there have been NO CHANGES!!  This means that the chemo holiday has been extended for another 10 weeks!!  It is the most awesome news.  Truly madly deeply awesomely.

Happy day!



The only thing better than colorful knitting in the sun is your sisters news!!


WOWSA! Your Baktus is great! And very wonderful news for your sister. Have a great day.


I love the Baktus Vicki. Yeah for your sister! I hope her vacay becomes permanent! It is a good day.


Wonderful news & a beautiful knit.


That's a fabulous scarf. I think I'm going to make one with handspun. Hooray for great news!


Okay. The sun shining on the baktus made me smile. Alot. And then, finding out that both of our moms are going through cataract surgery at the same time made me smile again. But then. Hearing about your sister? I'm jumping for joy! :-D

Lab Cat

Great news about your sister. I am very happy for you and your family.

Baktus is very pretty too.


We currently have chemo happening for one of our family members...I couldn't be happier for your sister's news...may we be so blessed! Enjoy...it doesn't ever get any better than this!

I love, love, love the batkus you knitted...did you use handspun...if not, can you share the source?


What wonderful, delightful news about your sis... hope you danced your way through the day. I love the bright and shiney-ness (that can't be a word!) of your Baktus. Will certainly cheer you through the rest of winter.


Yay! Bright shiny news on a bright shiny day! Love the Baktus too!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

So glad for the good news, and the happy Baktus too. Love those colors.


I am sooooo glad for your sister!


Great news and beautiful Baktus!


Absolutely gorgeous! The sun on those colors is glorious, indeed.

And even more glorious is the news about your sister!

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