Happy Day with Hearts!
A day off

How goes it?

It's going fine -- we've had some crazy good fun few days -- and it's all going fine.

In the Olympic finishing department:  I haven't begun sewing up Mom's Habu vest -- I think I'll save that for tomorrow morning.  We might have lunch together, and maybe I can have it somewhat together by then -- see how it's working.  This one seems like it should be so easy, but I am really struggling -- it just doesn't seem like it should be working, even though I've checked and measured things numerous times, and Mom herself has given the nod.  Skeptical, I am.

In the Olympic knitting department:  I'm almost finished with one of the fronts for *My* Habu sweater.  I was mistaken the other day in thinking that I was further along.  The picking up where you left off in regards to a Japanese knitting pattern that hasn't been worked in almost a year isn't quite like riding a bicycle, but it came back to me much easier than expected.  I'm getting very excited about finishing this one!  It's much less problematic than the vest.

In the comment department:  Shelley wrote the other day that she "...can't imagine being on the cusp... I would have done an all-nighter and strutted the new piece each time. How can you walk away from the prize?"  When DH walked through the kitchen on Saturday as I was working on slaving over steam-blocking the vest pieces, I said "THIS is why I can walk away.  I hate this part.  THIS is what makes me a PROCESS knitter!"  I absolutely love having and wearing a piece that was made from my own hand, but that is definitely not my main motivation for knitting.  As my good friend Margene likes to say, It's the process!

* * * * *

I'm not sure what's going to happen next in the daughter department...


...except that among some of the newly created departments, there soon will be a new son-in-law department!  Yep.  Ali + Kevin, sitting in a tree... or standing under a bridge, as the case may be!

Funny, I never really thought of myself as a mother-in-law -- and it's weirding me out a little.  I've seen myself as mother, definitely; grandmother, certainly/anticipatingly; mother-in-law, not so much -- maybe because I've never had one, myself -- though my mother is one, and my husband has one, and my sisters talk about theirs.  It's the weirdest thing... but also, hey, so kinda cool, eh?  I'll be a mother-in-law -- a good one, I hope, like Glinda-The Good Witch, I can be Vicki-The Good Mother-In-Law.

Surely, only bad mothers-in-law are ugly.



Being a MIL can be great! You get the kid after the toilet training is done, without the terrible twos, not having waited up for him to come home late from a date, no report cards to sign, no setting of boundaries, no manners training (don't DO that, - ever), ... You get to do all the good stuff: "you are so capable, please help me, let me do that for you, here is a little something I thought you would like..." So much is attitude and perspective. You will be great, and you will be loved! (my daughters, each, confided that their husbands were convinced I liked HIM the best ^^) I am deaf to all complaints and have a terrible memory for negatives. LOL


Congratulations! How exciting! :-)

"Mother-in-Law." The very word strikes fear in my soul and makes my eye twitch. Let's just say. . . mine is NOT Glinda.


Oh, congratulations to Ali and Kevin! (especially to Kevin -- he will be getting the Best MIL In The World!)


Congrats to Ali and Kevin (but I think you buried the lede!)

I'm sure you'll be a great MIL too, and best wishes to the happy couple!

(Emerging from lurking for that)


You can be a great MIL! I didn't have the best of experiences in that department, partly because my in-laws had what I in my infinite teenaged wisdom regarded as weird customs and beliefs, and I said things like, "Why should I change who I am to make them happy?" If I had it to do over again I would be a bit more accommodating. If I ever am a MIL I will try to be a bit more flexible.

Geek Knitter

It's more than possible to be a good MIL. My husband has a fabulous one, if I do say so myself. If you get along well now, you'll do the same after the wedding.


You'll be a wonderful mother-in-law!


The Girlie and I just had this conversation about "bad" mothers-in-law. We think there are more good than bad. I intend to be a very good one, when the time comes. And I am sure you will be, too!


I predict you will be a winner in the mother-in-law Olympics. :)


Congrats to your family on this fabulous news! I'm sure that you'll be a great M-I-L.


You will be the best m-i-l ever!! No doubt, best ever. Congrats to Ali and Kevin and your whole family!
Part of the process is finishing the last seam. You can do it!!


what a cool photo of your daughter and her "intended" - love it. Congrats!

You'll be whatever kind of MIL you wanna be, yes?


How Wonderful! Congratulations to Ali & to Kevin for choosing such an awesome MIL (and wife)


Congratulations (I love the photo!)! I've been a MIL for three years and love it...and him! Kevin is a very lucky young man because you do marry a family...not just an individual...and it seems as if he just hit gold!


Congratulations! We have a wedding on the way too, and the whole idea kinda grows on you. I am happy to be living to see my wonderful adult children and the ways their lives are unfolding.

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