Weekend recap, and forecast for the week ahead

It's magic


I seamed the shoulders on Maddy's sweater late yesterday and set in the sleeves last night.

Today, the magic continues.  Doing the side and sleeves seams using mattress stitch.


It has been established that "finishing" is not my favorite part of the process.  And it's not just knitting.  I was talking with my sister Karen last night and she was quick to bring up all the cross stitch pieces that I've stitched but left unfinished.  (Gee, thanks Karen, for bringing all that up!)  I've been told (by my mother) that I'm a lot like my grandmother (her mother) in that way, so at least I come by it honestly.  Heh.  Anyway, there are some procedures in the process of finishing that slay me with their simple beauty and magic.  Seaming with mattress stitch is one.  It serves as motivation, too, so I'm off to do the other...

Happy Sunday!



I'm not a big fan of seaming but I push through it because I know the reward at the end is finished sweater.


You must be feeling GREAT to be finishing so much. Way to go! (Someday I need to learn how to do mattress stitch.)


Just de-lurking to say that your PHOTOS are magic.

You make seaming look good (no small feat, if you ask me).


Funny you should call it magic. I recently blogged about seaming together some knitted blocks using the mattress stitch and referred to it as a magical process.

Beautiful photos, btw.


Mattress stitch may be magical(yes I believe)but having the finished garment on your body is more so. You can't have one without the other. You're on a roll!!!


Just gorgeous!!!

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