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It might just be do-able!

Olympic contenders

Pile of hopefuls

This is the pile of unfinished sweaters that have all mostly been knit -- many of them are blocked and one of them is even seamed -- they all need finishing/resolving.  A couple of these are almost old enough to finish themselves.  Yeah.  Except it doesn't work like that.  I have very fond memories of the 2006 Knitting Olympics, and an awesome gold-medal sweater to show for it, and would like to medal in 2010.  I'm considering "Finishing" as my event, and here's the line-up.

Habu Lamb's Wool Linen Jacket

My Habu sweater, above, half-kinit.  It is Lamb Wool Linen Jacket (Kit-70) by Setsuko Torii, which I began knitting in April 2009.  The thing is loaded with stitch markers of every color and variety in capacity as row counters -- and that explains where they've all been for the past 10 months!
Habu Tsumugi 4-panel Silk French Vest

My mother's Habu vest, the Habu Tsumugi 4-panel Silk French Vest, was begun February 2008.  (Not a typo.)  The pieces are all knit and in need of the requisite "severe blocking"; still, I fear, they are too small.

Kelbourne Woolens' Fiddlehead Pullover

The newest and smallest of them all is the Kelbourne Woolens Fiddlehead Pullover; knit and blocked in January.


Oblique.  Begun December 2007.  (Also not a typo.)  Knit and blocked.  I want this one finished most of all.

"Fitted Jacket" from Vogue Knitting

This is a "Fitted Jacket" from a Vogue Knitting of a few years back.  This one is knit, but needs blocking; I never even whispered about it on Ravelry!  I don't know how long it's been sitting around, but it's surely been long enough!

Coup d'Etat

Coup d'Etat.  Finished, blocked and seamed, it was deemed a bit too small.  I haven't revisited in a while; if not finished, this would at least be "resolved."  You know what that means.

Olympic contenders

Hm.  It's quite a pile o' projects.  Would finishing/resolving them all be a feat worthy of Olympic gold?

P.S.  Thursday blogging trivia:  I noticed that this is my 1701st post!



That's a beautiful pile'o'sweaters, there! I think finishing (or resolving) them would be a true Olympic feat. (And it would make you feel so good, too.)

Your Williamsro sweater is gorgeous! That's actually how I found your blog. . .I followed your Williamsro from Ravelry. . . to here.


That is quite a pile! If you choose 'Finishing' as your event, I am going to bet that you will become much more efficient at it, and never face such a pile again. Those are some beautiful yarns....


You can do it! You're so close!


Go for the Gold...what an accomplishment to finish these beautiful sweaters and actually enjoy wearing them! I'll be looking for the fashion show post-Olympics!
Happy finishing!


Go for it! My Finish or Frog It Group on Ravelry is hosting a FOFI Olympics. I'll be working on finishing items, too. Isn't that the best prize of all? Best of luck. I'll be cheering you on.


I will be cheering you on from the sidelines! Go for it!


Go, Vicki, go! :) I'm getting totally into this olympics business, to the point where I care about the *real* olympics as well!

Julia in KW

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting your large stack of almost finished knitting...I feel much better now knowing that I am not the only one who knits, blocks and even starts to seam only to be distracted by some other loveliness or disheartened by some potential imperfection in the piece...who knows, perhaps I will finish something in the next two weeks that is not just a sock!


I predict that you will feel more triumphant by finishing and/or resolving that pile o' knits than you would by knitting another [whatever] for the Olympics. If it were me, I would feel as though a a6-ton weight were lifted from my shoulders at finishing those gorgeous pieces. (Please tell me that "resolving" the Coup d'Etat will not mean frogging the whole thing!)


I think you can do it. Or at least a bunch of it. I've joined the ravelympics and the event I am participating in is the WIPs Dancing. I have a stack of projects entered and am considering four finished my gold medal. Onward to the SMACK!down.


I'd give you the Gold medal!


Can totally see your color wheel in that pile. Bet you can do it. Save Oblique (is that a heathered gorgeous gray??) for last, like dessert and pull out the one you dread most for the appetizer, so it's done.

Then wear your new wardrobe for the remainder of the season! Good Luck!!!


That is most definitely worthy of a gold medal. Good luck!


A great idea! You should go for it. (And now I'm off to locate that Fiddlehead Pullover's just lovely)


Even unfinished that is an impressive collection. I have not been a knitter for several years, but can't imagine being on the cusp and putting it down. I would have done an all-nighter and strutted the new piece each time. How can you walk away from the prize? Go for it girl --- get them finished! (for yourself, or as gifts)


Definitely worth Olympic gold.

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