It might just be do-able!
Happy Day with Hearts!

Progress report

I took a little Happy Hour detour on the way to the Knitting Olympics last night.  I managed to do everything I'd planned to do except for casting on my Habu sweater, due to the counting.  I probably could have done it, but why take chances.  I took the sleeves off of Coup d'Etat.  Maddy's "Fitted Jacket" had a little soak.

Giving the knitting a bath

She's soaking in it

I'm going to pin it out RIGHT NOW!



Detours can be good.


You've inspired me to finish a few lingering projects during the Olympic Games...only three so I'm hoping to finish them by Sunday night and cast on for a new project (no more unfinished objects - yeah!).

We all need a little snow for more knitting time and better conditions in Vancouver!
Happy knitting! :)

Did you receive my email about Sweet Cakes Bakery? Please let me know...I'll send it again if it didn't reach you!

Borderline Savage

Oh, Vicki, I never really thought of soaking knitting as being beautiful, but those photos really are gorgeous.

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