How goes it?

A day off

So far, it's been a day off in terms of Olympic knitting, but I've been doing plenty.

I paid bills and did the banking.

I took some fabric to a woman who sews -- she just opened up shop downtown -- and will be picking up some window treatments by the end of the month.  I know how to sew, and I don't mind sewing, but I'm obviously not getting it done (it's been months) and I'm getting tired of looking at the fabric on top of my washing machine.

I had lunch with Mom at KC&T.  I had "Focaccia Bold," a chicken sandwich, and Mom had half of a "Cream Cheese & Veggies" sandwich with a cup of soup.  Looks delicious, doesn't it?  It was.

We went to the antique mall after lunch.  While Mom talked cataract surgery with Jean, who was manning the store today, I found a cute oblong basket, a funky cool clock for DH to hang in his studio, and I splurged on some new earrings.

They're made from old typewriter keys.  I can wear them with the "V" ring that Cara gave me a couple of years ago and the "Expert Typist" merit pin that I found in Grandma's jewelry box a while back.  As you can see, it all makes me quite happy.

Um... I've also found some time to carry on with the k.d. lang festival that's been raging in these parts ever since the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.  Just thought I'd share.

Now I'm off to Zumba.  I was suffering a sinus headache on Monday -- and even a bit yesterday -- and Zumba was the last thing I wanted to do; I am really trying to get there at least once a week, though, and today's the day.



What a lovely day! I am a bit envious... mine was spent indoors at a meeting and a grant workshop, though I did get more knitting done than you. I love Zumba, but not mixed with sinus headaches... that season seems to be returning and walking goes better with the pain.


Sounds like a nice day. Especially the lunch part!

Lab Cat

I'm with you about the sewing, I bought a machine about a year ago and a pattern and fabric in June and still have to cut it out!

Those earrings are great and I love k.d. lang. I'm going to play your videos while eating breakfast.


The jewelry set sounds awesome and unique. Lunch looks fabulous!!


Yum! Fun! And k.d. lang, to boot! That's a perfect day off! :-)

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