Step One: Thread the needle
It's magic



In the words of Setsuko Torii, "The yarn is also a living creature.  It will stretch or shrink depending on the season or where you live."  Even as I was sewing these six pieces together today, I never dreamed they would fit like this.  It seems that the garment is a living creature, as well.

Left to do:  Weave in ends -- they are hanging all over the place!  Crochet a 50" long tie.  I am almost finished with this thing!!!

Right now, though, while the window light is still "good," I think I'll start sewing up another...



Woo hoo!


I love it! Do you? It is a beautiful and organic sweater.


Happy thought of the day: it will take you 10 minutes to crochet a 50" chain. If it were a 50" I-cord it would take you hours. :)


Oh, that is a gorgeous sweater! Love it! :-)


That is going to look eight kinds of fabulous! You're doing an awesome job.


Oh wow! I can see that over jeans, over casual skirt, a dressy skirt, that yarn will live. It is beautiful, I hope you like it.

You are rockin' the Olympic knitting!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

I love that. It looked so different flat & in pieces. I even like the ends left unwoven (but I'm a deconstructionisty I guess).


I'm really liking this, Vicki!
Can't recall what the heck it's called so I'll have to look back a few posts....
I think you will get more satisfaction from all this finishing than you would from one complete new garment. It was a very good idea indeed.



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