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Back in the saddle

Weekend recap, and forecast for the week ahead

It took me a while to get started on Saturday, but I finally settled down and seamed all the pieces together for Mom's Habu Vest.  Crazy how well that turned out.  I'll be sewing in ends today and crocheting the tie.  It would be nice to take the FO modelled shots with Mom on Wednesday!

Fiddlehead Pullover

High on success, I dove right in and set in the sleeves on Maddy's sweater -- and seamed it on Sunday.  On a roll, I sewed in the sleeves and seamed up the Fiddlehead Pullover!  The Fiddlehead needs only a crocheted neckline edge that incorporates four buttonholes and buttons; I am going to knit that edge because I've wasted too much precious time already with the hook.

Maddy's sweater will require a bit more thought, as the written finish (fringes and pocket flaps and more crochet) suits neither Maddy nor me; there will certainly be a collar, and I'm looking for my inspiration regarding the buttonband.

Fiddlehead neckline

The glaring mistake in placement of the neck opening was not actually glaring until it was all sewn up... I'm not turning back.

Knitting time (evenings) has been devoted to My Habu Sweater.  I am nearing the sleeve cuff, on the home stretch of the second front.  My ability to read the Japanese pattern didn't suffer much in the year or so since I knit the back, but my gauge sure has.  I think I'll be casting on immediately to reknit the back -- otherwise, I just know this thing is going to sit in an unfinished funk for another year.  Or more.  I just know it.  You do, too.

I am resigned to the fact that I'm probably not going to finish all of these sweaters by Sunday night, especially given that there will be no knitting at all on Saturday.

  • Mom's vest will be finished
  • Fiddlehead will be finished
  • Maddy's sweater (with requested wooden buttons) will be finished
  • My Habu sweater will likely be finished -- or very close
  • The fate of Coup d'Etat has pretty much been decided 
  • Seaming Oblique on Wednesday is the only way it has a prayer

I'm not letting up and still aiming for gold; I'll continue to give it my best and we'll see...



You've accomplished so much already! Way to go. You'll get there and be on the podium.


Yup. You deserve a spot on the podium, no question.


Spoken like a true athlete! I'm still here rooting for you... just so's ya know:)


You can do it!
I am working Saturday and Sunday so that means I need to be more or less finished and button shopping on Friday. This is definitely a race to the finish.


What a great feeling to "clean up" some of your old projects! :-) They're looking wonderful -- and you must feel terrific.


I can't BELIEVE how much you have accomplished. Me, I'm sitting here just wishing I could pick up the needles. And we have another probably-non-event BIG STORM (ha) predicted. So far, NOTHING.


Vicki, you've already achieved gold...all that work...and absolutely wonderful photography!! Mmmm!!!


Regarding that beige-ish sweater, could you just snip the cast-off, roll down three stitches and cast them off at the bottom, then fix some ends? I'm certainly with you on not re-knitting. But then I just ripped out an entire Endless Cardi, probably the first time I've every done such a thing.
You've been working really hard, so well-done!

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