It's my party!

An awful lot of dancing


The photos of his kids that my brother-in-law likes best are the ones where the kids have messy faces -- food, boogers, dirt, blood, snot -- it doesn't matter.


This looks like something-with-jelly, to me.


My sister and a friend took their four-year-olds to a ballet last weekend.  About a third of the way into it, Mack whispered to my sister that there sure wasn't very much talking...


...and there was an awful lot of dancing!


He's been to plenty of plays and concerts, but that was his first ballet and I guess he didn't really know what he'd signed up for!



I took #1 Son to the ballet when he was about 7. He hated it and refused to ever go again. Imagine my amusement when his college girlfriend was a dancer...


So adorable!


Awww. What a great montage.


He's being "cultured" at a young age. What a cute face! You do such beautiful work, Vicki!!




When my daughter was starting ballet I took the whole family to the Nutcracker. About a half hour in, my son turned to me and said, "When does it start?" He too was waiting for some dialogue.


I agree with your brother-in-law about what makes the best photo.... Not of ME, mind you -- I don't want any of my warts to show. But in OTHERS. Heh.

Geek Knitter

What a marvelously expressive face!

My stepdad does a lot of family photo sessions. While the parents are fussing about trying to get unruly children to "sit still and smile nice for the camera," his best shots generally seem to be the ones where a kid's got his chin stuck out.


You have a wonderful way of capturing "the essence" of your subjects! I love your photographs! (My own favorite shots of my kids are the ones that display their "personalities." I can see why these are your brother-in-law's favorite types of photos.)


What a character Mac is!

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