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Even before attending Saturday's all-day photography workshop, I knew that I wouldn't meet all of my lofty finishing goals for the Knitting Olympics.

Let's take it from the top:

My Habu Sweater

At Opening Ceremonies:  I had a completely knitted back and needed to knit the two fronts before sewing up.

At Closing Ceremonies:  I had two completely knitted fronts and am reknitting the back due to gauge issues.  Yeah.  One step forward, two steps back.  Something like that.  In the long run, I'll be much happier.  As of this evening, this will be the only thing on my needles 'til it's finished.  I've already purchased the buttons!

Mom's Habu Vest

At Opening Ceremonies:  I had all of the pieces knit and a huge mental block about blocking and sewing them up.  They looked so small, I didn't think they'd ever become an adult-sized garment.

At Closing Ceremonies:  Done and delivered!  The Habu fibers are extraordinary and the finished garment is simply amazing.  It suits my mother to a T and she loves it.  Things don't get much better than that.

Fiddlehead Pullover

At Opening Ceremonies:  I had all of the pieces knit and blocked.  The sweater needed sewing up, a little bit of finish crocheting, and buttons.

At Closing Ceremonies:  Finished!  And completely fabulous.


At Opening Ceremonies:  All of the pieces were knit and blocked.  I needed to sew them up, knit the collar, attach buttons.

At Closing Ceremonies:  Sleeves are sewn in and collar is underway.  I've had several false starts on that collar, and some difficulty determining Right from Wrong -- I'm pretty sure I'd have made it if I'd been thinking more clearly.  Three-quarters of the way, I tore it out completely and started over last night.  I'll be casting off tonight and all that will remain are side and sleeve seams and the sewing on of three buttons.  I cannot wait.  I love this thing.

Maddy's Sweater

At Opening Ceremonies:  I had all of the pieces knit.  They needed to be blocked, sewn up, collar and buttonband knit, and buttons attached.

At Closing Ceremonies:  So very, very close.  I am down to sewing on buttons.  The buttonholes turned out too big, so I'm crocheting around each one (which is killing my wrist, so slow going).  It is gorgeous and fits Maddy like a dream.  It's a cotton sweater, so perfect for spring.  So timely.

Coup d'Etat

At Opening Ceremonies:  I had a sewn up sweater in need of button band, buttons, and collar.  It was just a wee bit snug.  And a tad short.  I tried it on several times while pondering my (very few) options (at least in my mind).

At Closing Ceremonies:  The sleeves have been detached.  The rest of it needs to be pulled apart for an inevitable frogging and re-knitting.  (Yeah, it was sort of a foregone conclusion.)  It's sad, but not as sad as a too-tight, too-short finished sweater that I never wear -- and I want to wear it.  I will make it so.  Eventually.

I missed the gold medal, but I did my best and I am quite satisfied with my performance -- and momentum.  Thanks for all the encouragement along the way!!




Sure you don't deserve a medal? Sounds to me like you have done an amazing job!

Borderline Savage

I think you get a gold medal for all of that. You did a lot of work, and a lot of it was unfun finishing work which requires more effort. I don't think I realized until now how much you actually did accomplish during the olympics.


You did an inCREDible amount. I hardly knit a stitch, and I'm so sad about it. And tonight, after a physical therapy appointment this morning, I can hardly lift my arms, but the improvement is making me happy. So there will be knitting again someday, I'm convinced!


You are a gold meadalist in my book... you accomplished such a tremendous amount. I am glad you are happy with what's done and have good plans for the rest... a wave of finishing is forthcoming in March.


You started with a pile of knitting that had the potential to be six sweaters. You now have two completed sweaters, two verynearlyalmostsocloseto completed sweaters, and two WIPs that now promise to be lovely sweaters. Awesome. Simply awesome.


Ditto - you earned the GOLD!!!...and finished far more than a lot of us! CONGRATULATIONS...you did an amazing amount of work in such a short time! Hold your head high!

I completely finished a child's Irish knit sweater, a pair of socks for my husband and then had a few unexpected curve balls thrown into the mix...two unexpected family deaths (back to back and out-of-state) and hand surgery for my husband. I started a new child's sweater but only finished the back and left front...so it goes...I just didn't have it in me after last week's events. There's always tomorrow, right???


Finishing counts double in my book! Approach the podium, please. I just finished my Oblique last month - if you figure out what those YO's in the collar beginning/end are, let me know. Also, the inside button (a hint?) is referenced, but I see no such thing on the notions list...I don't think. At any rate - I love mine too - it's my go to grab sweater! Enjoy it and Congratulations on that gold medal.


You did your best. That's what truly counts.


I'm handing over a bouquet.
The ones I called the 'green cauliflower' throughout the Olympics - but I liked them a lot)


Satisfaction is a gold medal unto itself! Enjoy the finished goods!!!


Two finishes! That means GOLD or at least a Bronze. It must feel good to accomplish so much and be on a roll to finished more. Nice work!!

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