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I do believe I've fallen down the sock-yarn-scrap-blanket rabbit hole.  The very unfortunate thing is that, while I have a modestly small stash of sock yarn, I rarely actually knit socks, which means that the "scrap pile" is... well, there you see it!  That's all of my Hundertwasser scraps, and some Fleece Artist Casbah -in-waiting.  I have quite a bit of solid-color, dark turquoise, vintage sock yarn that I bought at an estate sale some time ago, and I think I shall try designing something with this as the center, that as a more textural background.  Honestly, I was not liking this little square much at first and nearly gave it up, but I'm glad I kept going because I really love it!  It makes me happy to look at it.

I think this shall become another of some as-yet-undetermined design.  Also happy! 

The Noro Kureyon Sock was purchased last night at Iris Fine Yarns.  I stopped in last week, at the start of their sale, and left empty-handed but with plenty to ponder.  The Lorna's Laces has been hanging in my stash for quite some time... um, since 2006, when I won it in the contest for the Letter "I" in the original ABC-Along.  I'd link, but I'm having some difficulty with the internet at the moment.

Anyway, I returned to Iris last night and, besides the Noro, also purchased a half-dozen balls of Rowan Calmer in a few shades for a stealth project, a ball of Phoenix Soy Silk (because I've never and I'd like to), and two hanks of Noro Cash Iroha because I want 198 yds of Heaven (Rav link) for myself!

Also a big bottle of Eucalan.  I used up my old bottle during the Olympic finishing.  Yes, I'm aware that I'm still not entirely FINISHED with the finishing.  Yet.



Since I don't knit socks much either, I'm thinking of using up my sock yarn stash (or some of it, anyway) in one of those lengthwise scarves that look woven but are knitted. I love the look -- wonder if I have the patience to knit it, though:



Do you want more sock bits? I have a little bag of sock scraps and I never knit socks out of 'em....

give me an address and I'm glad to send it over!


Pretty colors in your blanket and new yarn purchases. That Noro Sock Yarn makes a great little shoulder shawl.


You have so much potential in each photo!


I just stumbled upon your blog through Margene. I was excited to see that we both shop at Iris Fine Yarns!

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