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See our names and handprints?  The lower step has only the kids' handprints, ca. 1992, made as the kids and I returned from a weekend visit to my sister's -- a 1yo Maddy tried to grab a handful of the wet concrete leaving a pretty good divot.  The upper step was made some years later, when the grassy "back yard" transformed to include a garage, walkway, clotheline, and "deck" with pergola (no more grass), and includes the whole fam's prints.

My mother told me about a gorgeous vest that her husband's ex-wife has been wearing, that she thought was knit, and that she wants.  My mother has AMAZING taste and style -- she's more put together to go out and rake the lawn than I am... pretty much, ever.  She piqued my curiosity, so I told her to take a picture or borrow it so I could take a look.  I'm curious that way. 

Neither of these examples is "the one," as my stepdad's ex-wife is a smart cookie and wouldn't just hand it over to my mother a covetous someone, but she lent a couple of others.  As Mom pulled them out to show, she said that she really didn't care for these colors at.all, but the style of "the one" is as below -- knit squares crocheted together.


I immediately thought of my grandma -- a woman I love with all my heart, and for a lot of reasons, but style was never among them.  Thought there was that gorgeous, vintage, pale pink, one-button, A-line, wool coat that I found in her attic when I was in high school...

We quickly determined that it's all about the color and the yarn -- "the one" is in shades of tan and brown and blue -- and has just a touch of luxe yarn for some glitz.

I haven't volunteered to make one, or anything, and she hasn't asked me to make it for her (the 2-years-in-the-making Habu Birthday Vest still very fresh in our minds).  I'm pretty sure she's hoping that I'd fall in love and feel an immediate need to buy yarn (that she'd help to choose, no doubt) and cast on to make one for myself... which she could then borrow.  I'll admit, I really want to see "the one" now.  And, seriously, my mother could totally handle this project.

* * * * *

Maddy's been home for Spring Break, and it's been fun having her (and her friends) around.

* * * * *

I've been walking with Alison a couple/few times a week; Katie joined us once, but she's been back on the bike more!  I'm feelin' it -- in a good way.  I'm still going to Zumba on occasion -- it's hard to keep a regular schedule with everything else that goes on, but "still going" is key and I've got that.  I've also been trying to get back on track with eating habits, food choices, etc.  Man, that's a constant battle, isn't it?  I wish shopping was easier (more convenient).

* * * * *

I released My Habu Sweater from the blocking board on Monday... now to find some sewing-up time!

* * * * *

Our taxes are done.  Did I mention?  Finished and filed -- this is a first.

* * * * *

Thank you for all the blogiversary wishes!  It was quite a week with the milestones last week.  My celebratory spa day is on Monday and I am SO looking forward to it... and even beyond.  It's at a salon/spa where I used to have my hair done regularly.  For some reason, I started going elsewhere -- probably when the big bridge that I'd take to get there was torn down/under construction -- but not before earning a whole lotta reward points.  It is quite possible that with the booking of my spa treatment, I've earned enough for another massage!  Squee!  I can't wait to find out.



Enjoy your spa day!

Yes, the food choices and eating habits is a constant struggle. I have been letting things slide again and I am feeling it.


Helping your mother, rather than knitting the vest for her, is a great idea. I hope she goes for it.
Have fun with the spa treatment and I hope the extra points are enough for the massage, too!


I find myself drawn to the first vest. Did you take any close-ups of it? Not that I would ever steal anyone else's inspiration...


Those are great!

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