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And so it begins...


She tried on five dresses today.  We may -- or may not -- have found one.  Definitely not this one.  It's cute, but not The One.

Who knew what the whole wedding dress shopping thing was all about?!  (Not me.)  Wow.



I loved shopping for wedding dresses! Found mine the first day....and you KNOW when you find it. I stepped out of the dressing room and my mom looked up, tears sprang in her eyes, and she whispered "oh Lori, that HAS to be the one!"
I still have the dress. Unfortunately, not the man. Or the mom. C'est la vie.


We were shopping for fabric for Hannah's prom dress today. I can't even picture wedding dress shopping!


Shopped for Erin's prom dress last week. UGH! I cannot even imagine what wedding dress shopping will be like. It was a last ditch shopping before we decided I would make it. Well. In the end I found a dress that I knew was a color that would look great on her, but the style was a little bit, well, not very traditional or anything close to what she was looking for. She didn't want to try it at.all. She caved though and when she walked out of the dressing room I could tell by the look on her face that we had a sale. Same thing with Gillian. They try it on to shut me up and then end up buying the dress. Will it be the same with the weddings?


Oh, wow! I can't even imagine it. So great that you're documenting the process.

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Amazing!I can't imagine. Wonderful photo.


Wow, what have I missed?!??!

theresa/t does wool

oh...how beautiful and exciting!


We are right there with you on wedding gowns...and actually prom gowns. It's fun isn't it?




She'll be a beautiful bride no matter the dress.


My Mom made mine including ALL the beading on the lace!!! I never got any further than the magazine pages when it came to shopping.


How exciting. I remember shopping for both of my daughter's wedding gowns. We went all over the south looking and finally found "the" dress---one in Greenville, SC and the other one in Birmingham, AL. How much time do you have?


I am not ready for this. But also, I somehow missed that one of your girls was engaged! She is going to be gorgeous, no matter what. It's lovely that you are documenting the process. I don't think I'd have the forethought or capability -- AND the whole thought of this task is daunting to me.


Oh, Vicki! What fun! Enjoy every moment.


Planning my daughter's wedding with her was one of THE most wonderful times we had together...ever! I cried when she tried on the first dress as I wondered where all the years had gone. It seemed like just yesterday...

Enjoy the journey...it's the best!!!

Elizabeth Payne

Beautiful photograph. Brings back memories of working with brides and their moms when I managed a bridal salon. She will know when it is THE dress!


I guess I missed the announcement too!
I love the photo and the dress. Can't wait to see The One!

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