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Happy Birthday!


Twenty-three years ago, on a day much like today -- actually, a little more like yesterday -- I felt a few tinges in the morning as I got ready for my preggo exercise class.  I knew it was probably the start of something, so worked it pretty hard and by the time I finished class, I knew I was in undeniable labor.  I went home, made some calls -- Rusty to take me to the hospital, and Mom to take care of Katie -- and waited.  Almost 2-year-old Katie was doing what almost 2-year-olds do -- spinning, twirling, playing, talking, laughing, and bouncing a ball all around me -- bounce, bounce, bounce.  I popped more Tums (my main food group throughout the entire pregnancy) and tried tried to act as though sitting on the dining room floor, with occasional heavy breathing and NOT writhing, was normal, and waited for people to arrive.

I went to the hospital, went on a carnival ride took my seat in a birthing chair, and gave birth to my second red-headed baby girl.  I stayed a whole extra day in the hospital due to an ear infection, watched the leaves pop out on the trees -- almost like stop-motion photography, because the weather change was much more drastic that year, as though someone flipped a switch from winter to summer and if you blinked, well, you missed spring -- and went home on Easter Sunday to enjoy dinner with my family on the lawn at my mother's.

Happy Birthday, Ali Lou!  23!!  I love you to pieces.



Happy Birthday, Ali! I feel like I know you after all these years of reading your mom's blog.


Happy Birthday, Ali! What a beautiful photo, Vicki. A beautiful girl; a beautiful memory. Enjoy the day.


She's such a beautiful grrl in more ways than one! Happy Birthday, Ali!!


Happy Birthday, Ali - and V - I too came home on an Easter Sunday with a new baby! (boy, born 3/26/70)


Happy b'day, Ali!


Happy Birthday to Ali!!

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