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Happy Happy Joy Joy

This is a painting that Madeleine made last year in art class and it is, arguably, one of the most joy-filled paintings on the planet.  That might be a mother talking, but I am the mother of girls as well as of the artist (who was a "young girl" when the piece was made) and it makes all of the mothers-in-me happy.  Maddy never liked it much and is quick to point out errors, but I easily overlook them -- pushed right out of the way by all the JOY!  The piece was painted on the back (rough) side of a masonite panel, and it is even more astounding to learn that the assignment was to apply the paint with anything other than a brush.

The painting has been hangin' out at the coffee shop for the past year and I was sad to learn last week that it had been sold.  When I learned that it had been purchased by a teacher to hang in her Milwaukee classroom, the sadness was -- again -- pushed right out of the way (mostly) by all the JOY!  The mothers-in-me are happy.



That's a great painting. It really does emanate feelings of joy. Thanks for sharing it. I'm sure that it'll be inspirational to the students in it's new home.


I would have purchased this in a New York is truly magnificent and oh, so joyful! I envy Madeleine's ability to make so many people smile...even without using a paintbrush...pretty amazing!


The painting exudes joy! The colors are my favorites and I love the arms flung happily into the blue sky.


I have to agree with the moms in you. It is certainly a painting that I would be drawn to. I am curious as to what she used to apply the paint? I love the perspective she used, and the color palette is one of my all-time favorites.


She totally captured "joy"! What a wonderful, happy, joy-full painting. All the "moms" in you must be bursting their buttons. (And with what, exactly, did she apply the paint?)


Love it!


Awesome painting!


She said that she used her fingers a lot, various blades/stick tools, also Q-tips. Gotta love Q-tips!


It IS a wonderful joy filled painting! I hope it brings joy to all the kids who see it.


Besides the exuberant JOY! of the painting, I lovelovelove the point of view -- looking up. Congrats to Maddy and to the purchaser!


It IS FULL of elation. I adore it. ADORE it!

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