Who's foolin' who?

Hippety hoppety

Dawn, my cookie lady, made an appearance on local morning TV this week.  I was getting a lovely massage at the time, and forgot to set the DVR, but thanks to the wondrous internet...

...there's video to embed!

Many of those ideas work on yarn as well as eggshells.  Dyeing with wine could be really fun!  Oh, I wish I had a month to just dig in and do some stuff.  Ah well.

I dragged stuff outside a few days ago for an early evening photo shoot on the deck.

Hundertwasser Baktus

This is another Baktus incarnation using the Opal Hundertwasser yarn -- the last of my Hundertwasser stash.  It was knit in a mix of garter and stockinette (reverse stockinette, depending on which side is visible) -- I took my cue for changing up the stitch pattern from the color/pattern changes, more or less.

another close up

I was this >< close to picking up another skein of Hundertwasser at Yarns By Design the other day, but resisted the urge.  For now.

I am loving knitting this blanket and it's growing! 


Handy stapler provides sense of scale.

There's a ways to go... and some lovely yarn arrived in the mail yesterday (thank you!) (thank you!) that'll help keep us going!



Changing stitch patterns in Baktus was a great idea! Hundertwasser yarn is perfect for both projects. Enjoy a hoppy weekend!


I love the way you interpreted the Baktus pattern this time!


Need to knit a Baktus just like you did. Need to do that. Now.

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