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I love old photos.  Photos of women, kids, and wedding parties call to me most, but I bring home the occasional mister or two.  Group photos are especially fun.  A couple of favorites that have been hanging in the living room for a while show the same small group of young women with a couple of years between -- it's amazing to see them side-by-side.


Anyway, I love looking at the clothing and hairstyles in old photos such as this, but I probably would have let this one be if it hadn't been only $3.00.  When I took a good look and spotted Susie flashing her sassy smirk at someone camera right, it was all over.

I'm willing to bet this one was the ruler.

Here's one of my favorite group photos of all time.  I've been trying to find my baby book (it's around here somewhere!) so I could scan the photo of my first grade class and add it to the Facebook page for the school -- which I think is hilarious, but also cool.  I saw this image fly by on the desktop screen saver the other day, so I knew I'd captured it in some manner already!  I only went to this school for one year -- first grade.  Our teacher was Mrs. Kelly and I loved her with all my heart.  She was young, pretty, so very kind, and gave me big gold stars on my spelling tests.  Kindergarten was rather tumultuous because we moved three times and I attended three different schools, so settling down here and having Mrs. Kelly at the front of the room really made a difference and sort of set my course, I think; especially important because I was so young.  I'm in the middle of the back row.  My BF Missy is second-from-the-right in the middle row; the girl with the gigantic band-aid on her head at the other end of that row is Nancy and I'm not sure why I remember that after all these years.  Drew is second from the left in the front and he was a troublemaker!  Those are the stand-outs in my mind, along with My First Romeo, Steve T., who is holding the sign... sweeps you off your feet, no?

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Our furnace is being replaced today.

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Book club tonight!  We're discussing Whistling In The Dark by Wisconsin author Lesley Kagen, then going to see Lesley who is a participant in this year's Fox Cities Book Festival!  I can't wait.  I'll also be attending a memoir-writing workshop by Beth Kephart tomorrow, also part of the Book Festival.  I can't wait for that, either!

* * * * *

Fun times!  Wish you were here.



There is so much character in your old photo. You have such an eye for detail and catching the character of a person even if you aren't behind the camera. Maybe it's as if you're the one capturing the image.

If I had a school picture I wouldn't remember a single person. It's wonderful that you remember so much!


I have a first grade picture (somewhere) that looks almost EXACTLY like yours! Same kind of sign and everything. (But, then, I'm not surprised. . . being that we're of the same vintage and all. . .) It's so fun to go back and look at them. I remember some kids. . . and others? Not so much.


Awww - I love the pictures. It's fun to imagine what people are thinking in those photographs. Loved the dresses from 1964. So cute.


What great photos! It's funny how you can just imagine what the personalities of those people were like - food for the imagination.


Now I know why Whistling in the Dark was in the pile of books I picked up from the library yesterday -- I requested it when you mentioned it before. I love books, sigh.

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