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Felt + pins = Love

I stepped out of the shower on Saturday morning and immediately heard my mom in the house, frantically calling my name.

Felt and pin flower

"Oh shit."  I forgot that we had a date for the antique show.  She'd already been waiting a while and I was dripping wet.  I quickly got ready while she ran to get coffee and we arrived within the first hour.  Early birds and worms and all that... we're usually standing in line waiting for the doors to open.

Pin cushion

This adorable pin cushion caught my eye right off the bat.  The first booth on the right, just inside the main floor entrance, has been occupied by the same vendor for many years and is one of my favorites.  I haven't purchased much, but my "Queen Victoria" sampler was from them a while back.  That flower made of felt, all those white pins against the red, the primitive sewing -- I just had to have that sweet little thing to start my day!

Green buckle

I bought a few large buckles, too.  I ended up with a couple of small ones, too, only because some of these were acquired in a lot.

Red buckle

I like to thread the ends of my lighter scarves and shawls through the larger buckles to hold them closed, rather than knotting.  Sometimes knots are just too big!

Green and ivory buckle

I am head-over-heels for the green and ivory buckle.  I hope I can remove the metal part without doing any damage.

* * * * *

I'm shouting good news from the rooftops today.  My sister had an oncology appointment this morning and continues her chemo vacation!!  Not much has changed since last time and what has changed isn't cause for too much concern.  That's three in a row, folks!  Good news, indeed.  Thank you for the continued good thoughts and wishes... keep 'em coming.  Thank you!!



It's wonderful to hear your sister's good news.
The pincushion is a treasure. Finds like that are rare any more.

rebecca wilova

Congrats to your sister!

I really like those buckles... I like them on handknit hats, myself :)


Great news about your sister!!! 'Specially love the pin cushion :o)


Good finds at the antique show. Great news about your sister!


I am so, so, so very happy for your sister's wonderful report. Gosh, those check-ups are so unnerving. . . but such a relief when the news is still good.

It makes the charming pincushion even sweeter, doesn't it?



Love that belt buckle idea. I have a few myself and never did know what to do with em. Till now!

And :-) on your sister's report.


I couldn't be happier about your sister's most wonderful news! May her good health continue for many, many years to come!

LOVE the pincushion...what a find! It makes me smile to just look at it!


I'm so happy for your sister! Now I need to go thrifting for some belt buckles...


Hug your sister for me!


Oh, such wonderful news about your sister. And cute finds at the antique show!


Wonderful news for you & your sister!
Also, that may be the cutest pin cushion I have ever seen.


So happy about your sister! I have tears of joy!

and btw, those belt buckles are wonderful!

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