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We had such an enjoyable evening last night.  A light dinner and discussion amongst ourselves of Whistling In The Dark at the coffee shop was followed by a quick walk to the library and some time with author Lesley Kagen.  She read a passage from the book -- she's an excellent reader and speaker and just all-around very entertaining.  I could relate to her -- the experiences and the feelings she shared -- on many levels.


Have you ever heard of a gorilla called Samson?  If you're a Wisconsinite of a certain age -- even if you never laid eyes on him -- no doubt you have.  Samson plays a small but prominent role in Whistling, as well as in Lesley's life, and this photo was produced by the library director when Lesley began to talk about him.  An award-winning photo, it was taken many years ago by the son of the attendees.

I can't wait for Beth Kephart's writing workshop tonight.

Gorgeous weather yesterday!!  I should have had laundry out on the line.  I had a bunch of errands to run and people to meet but nothing meshed together very well, so I was running around a lot.  We had our furnace replaced yesterday, too, and while it didn't involve me in the least, the peripheral activity was distracting and kind of threw me off.  I think I'm going to like the new furnace, though.

The word clouds have been popping up all over... I first saw the word cloud at Kat's.  Fun!  You can make yours here automatically from your blog or website, or you can copy and paste some text of your own.  It's customizable and so cool!


Sue J.

I am from Janesville and know Samson! I must get my hands on this book!

Mary Fran

I grew up in Rockford, IL and I remember Samson!


Listening to a good reader/speaker can bring a book to life.
Word clouds are so interesting as they capture much about a person, but so much is left in the blank spaces. We're so much more than a few words. :D


...especially in the case of this reader/author because the book was somewhat autobiographical.


I love the word cloud! I went through quite a long phase of using letters in my artwork. I still like to.


OMG...I remember Samson! I haven't thought about him in years. He was a really cool gorilla.


I, too, grew up in Rockford. I remember Samson! :-) Think I might like to read Lesley's book.

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