Northwoods Jaunt, Day 1: Down on the Farm


So, I've been planning a trip to Las Vegas with my sister.  As a vacationer, I have never really been much of a planner -- I'm more of a "If You Go, You Will Have Fun" type of vacationer.  So it is with some surprise that I find myself happily planning this little vacation and pondering the mundane details.

Yesterday, I was focused on the rental car.  We plan to rent a car on one of the days to visit Hoover Dam, drive into the desert, and visit Gail Knits!  And some other places -- probably places to eat.  The question was: "intermediate" or "standard" (not "full size") car or "intermediate SUV"?

My sis wrote back and said that she likes all of the decisions I've made so far, so whatever I like.

She also mentioned that she wanted to zoom in closer to see all of the details on my nightstand.


Macro May!  Those fibery bits are actually the ends of a "Hemp for Haiti" friendship bracelet -- kids today don't call it what it is... MACRAME!  Heh.  Anyway, that Opal sock yarn ball band is folded and very well worn because it, too, was carried around in my pocket for quite some time!

DH and I are heading out for the weekend as soon as the laundry is done and I can pack.  I'm also packing my "personal item" -- camera bag/knitting bag/purse -- giving it a trial run in prep for the upcoming Vegas trip.  I'm bringing the laptop, but connection will be sporadic.  We're packing a lot into the weekend -- visiting DH's northwoods relatives tonight and tomorrow, meeting up with Ms. KmKatt tomorrow, and also visiting with my sister and her family tomorrow night-into-Sunday.  We'll stop by to feed some starving college kids -- Maddy and her BFF roommate -- on the way home, as they strap in for Finals Week.

Have a great weekend!!



You are packing a ton into your weekend. Enjoy!!! We know you'll return with great pictures.

sharon blum

Ha ! What a perfect request for Macro May, thanks for zooming in so I can snoop some more ;-) Have fun this weekend, give a hug to Nuh-Nuh.


Can't wait! I'm deciding which knitting to bring along.


Sounds like a fun weekend to me.

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