Northwoods Jaunt, Day 3: No photos

Daisy, Daisy

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Maddy arrived home last night with the first year of college tucked under her belt!  She came bearing daisies -- not for me, they were a gift to her -- which made for a lovely "Macro May" subject in the late-day sun through my studio/office window.  (One of these days, I should hook up the tripod and trigger.)

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Despite some weird delivery shenanigans, I received the 15mm Canon Fisheye lens that I rented from  I placed this order on Monday morning and the lens was in my hands/on my camera yesterday.  FedEx delivery on Wednesday (conveniently, my day off) was expected, but not guaranteed, so since a signature was required I had it delivered to the coffee shop instead.  Ali took delivery of a UPS package -- totally not for her address, and definitely not a camera lens.  I'd nearly given up on the Wednesday thing when I had a phone call at 7:20 pm from the bridal shop that my lens had been delivered there -- down a ways and across the street!  Sheesh.  They were open 'til 8, so I made a bee-line.

The "smiling sidewalk" perfectly sums up my feelings about the photo above!

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I'm going to have fun with this thing in Vegas -- and, hopefully, timing will work for a couple of shoots I have on tap yet at home.
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Easily amused, I'm lovin' this freaky photo, too.  My fresh new pedi, sporting new sandals (I used to wear them all.the.time, but thongs for the first time in years), the flattened dandelions, Roxie, my hair hanging down -- my swollen ankles can't even bring me down.  Heh.

Busy days behind me, busy days ahead... Viva! on the horizon.



Oh that daisy!
Vegas is going to look so cool through your new lens.


A fish eye lens is perfect for Vegas! The daisy shots are great. I wound up ordering a 300mm telephoto from Borrow Lenses. It's cool because it doesn't extend so it should be unobtrusive at graduation.


The fish eye lens photos are cool - BUT! The Daisy...OMG! I'm dying to figure out where I can put daisy photos in my house now.....


Daisies are my favorite flower. Simple. Lovely. And even BETTER through your macro lens. :-)
Have fun with your fish eye lens. I think you're going to have WAY too much fun with that one on your trip! ;^)


Fun! I love the symmetry of the middle house shot.
I can't wait to see the trip photos.


Glorious daisy photos, Vicki. Crazy UPS! Fun with the fish eye lens! That is really an interesting perspective!

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