Macro May

In which there is knitting and randomness!


Ohmygosh, did you wonder if I'd given it up for good?

Color changes

No way.  The knitting of 18 red squares for Parcheesi didn't make for exciting blog fodder, though.  I briefly thought -- a couple of times -- about knitting a third or half of them, getting on to the exciting part, then going back and knitting another third or the remaining half... but I know myself well enough, by now (sometimes!), to know that once I moved on to "the exciting part," going back would be, like... well... just not very likely and then there'd be another big ol' UFO weighing me down.  It seemed best to just forge ahead and put Phase I/Red Squares behind me.

Square 1 (in progress)

WooHOO!  Now I'm on to Phase II/Framing Squares in Color and, oh, how I'm going to love, love, love this part!


  • It's a Wednesday and I'm working; Friday off this week, instead.
  • A visit to the Northwoods is on tap this weekend, with a possible knitterly meet up!
  • Wondering why, for the past week or so, one of my blog feeds takes 24 hours to update.
  • It's chilly again, with plenty of rain in the forecast; I am SO READY for warm.  (Any time now, Ma Nature!!)
  • Actually, I think we'll see the elusive sun-and-70s combo next week!
  • That should prime me nicely for the sun-and-90s that I hope to visit the following week.
  • My smile got bigger and bigger this morning as the list of celebrity birthdays was read:  Bruce Boxleitner (one of the cutest cowboys ever, ca. How The West Was Won), Gabriel Byrne, and Steve Winwood among them.  I used to borrow Traffic LPs from the library.  Arc of a Diver is one of the albums I'd want on the deserted island...
  • Twin Sons of Different Mothers is another...

Have a great day!



I never for a second thought that you had given up on knitting. The blanket is looking wonderful and so colorful!


Love the happy colors of your blanket and it looks like loads of fun to knit. I had several Traffic LPs. They were a favorite band of mine. Smith just burned a couple of discs he picked up at the library and I've been listening to them all week! Their music is still fabulous.


Oh, count me as another Steve Winwood fan! LOVE Arc of a Diver. :-) Also really like the square. Just beautiful.


How can it be that I have no Traffic in my iTunes? Must remedy that STAT. See ya Saturday!

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