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I'm ticked off at my 60mm macro lens for it's fickle auto-focus performance, so pulled out the 24-105mm macro late last night, which can't go nearly as close.  The light was horrible, I was uninspired, and there was nothing very photogenic.  Anywhere.  Heh.

That's a corner of my bedside table.  I prefer Grandma's old sewing machine, which I used for 20+ years, but it doesn't fit.  I love the new table, which we practically stole from the home improvement store (I love a bargain!).

I rarely use bobby pins, but usually have one (or six?) in my pocket.

Can you believe that I didn't have a single hairband with me at Zumba on Monday night?  Ali had to bring one for me from home.

My gigantic Michael Perry bookmark is from last year's Fox Cities Book Festival.  I'd been using it to hold my place in Eric Clapton's autobiography, but I recently finished that book and returned it to Mom.  The book I'm currently reading, Just Kids (on "Short Loan" from the library for the second time and overdue as of Monday... finish it, already!) is being marked with my David bookmark that a book club friend brought me from Italy.

Speaking of books, I'm aiming to finish Just Kids this weekend.  I like it just fine -- quite a lot, actually!  I'll miss our next book club meeting on the 26th -- they'll be discussing The Help -- because I'll be in Fabulous Las Vegas with my sister.  I have the book and want to read it, but doubt it'll be coming to Vegas because it's hardcover.  I'm thinking that I'll bring Olive Kitteridge or The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society or How To Knit A Love Song (did Katie return that yet?) or one of the other 20 books that I keep shuffling in my To-Read stack o' books.

I'm not sure which bookmark I'll use.

Anyway.  I'm a huge collector of paperclips, too, and I stuff a lot of notes in my pockets.

Kleenex.  (Always.)

There's a tag there that I cut out of a new "shapewear" article -- the fourth or fifth such thing I've bought in the past few years and the only one that I really like, probably because it's for the easier-to-shape top part of my bod rather than the resistant-to-change/get-this-tourniquet-off-me/pray-I-won't-need-a-bathroom bottom.

I had to get the scissors from the bathroom.  It's a pretty lousy bathroom scissors, so I'll see how it goes in the bedroom.

The scissors is in a bowl that my dad turned.  He had some other turned wood pieces with him during his visit.  I have lots of pieces, gifted and gathered over the years, but I chose a salt & pepper mill set for each of the girls.  They were thrilled.  (Note to self/girls: Thank You card!)

There's the tag in there from my first Victoria's Secret purchase in a million years -- a bra.  I went to get fitted.  Finally.  I don't really like the bra that much.  Dang.

I used to buy a lot of nightgowns from Victoria's Secret back in the day... when a gown was actually a gown -- yardage -- with buttons, tucks, and just the perfect balance of ruffles and lace.  They were romantic.

I have decided that I am not romantic.  I am passionate, but not romantic.

What else is in there?  Burt's Bees lip balm, a fold-over magnetic "Quebec" bookmark that I found in a library book a long time ago, a plastic bread bag closure (a.k.a. yarn bobbin), and the label from a ball of Opal Hundertwasser.  The label makes me smile.

I didn't dress for the weather today.



I just finished Eric Clapton's memoir, too. Good stuff.


This post is a lovely peek into your life. I always have a little hair clip in my pocket as well as Kleenex. Can you believe I also collect bookmarks?
The Help was wonderful and I heard the Potato Peel book was too, but I didn't like Olive as much as my friends did. Rachael's book would be a fun read for a trip!


I love this post. There is such intimacy in pocket things and bedside tables.

Warmer tomorrow.


I agree, I love little peeks into people's lives. Pocket flotsam and drawer debris are so much more personal than people are usually willing to share. Thanks!
I'd also love to see your grandmothers' sewing machine. I am an aficionado of vintage machines, some of them are so ornate and even the "plain" ones have their own clean appeal.

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