Northwoods Jaunt, Day 2: Morning Has Broken

Northwoods Jaunt, Day 1: Down on the Farm

Shadow on the barn

I took Friday off and drove with DH to the great northwoods of Wisconsin for some lots of visiting.  There was a nice gathering of almost everyone we in the area of DH's uncle's farm on Friday evening -- Aunts Bev, Dodo and Ruth, Uncle Rudy, cousins Linda, Carol and Kent, first-cousin-once-removed Chris!

From my seat where we visited in the 3-season porch, I noticed the shadow of the garage creeping up the side of the barn as the sun fell -- the windows on the barn perfectly placed so that it looked like a tiny little shadow house.  I was a good little visitor, but I squirmed in my seat as I watched that shadow until I couldn't stand it any longer!  I couldn't bear to let the opportunity pass, so jumped up and bolted out the door, grabbing my camera and shooting some farm stuff in the late day sun.


Not to forget Macro May!

The Farmall

Farm flare

The Farmall tractor -- with flare!

The Oliver

The Oliver.

The barn

I came back in with my knitting (as of last night, two of the six Parcheesi squares is fini!).  It was fun to spend an evening on the farm -- in the country.  I've never had a rural address, and think I'd like to someday... if I can ever leave my present, practically perfect place.  (I'd also like to try an utterly urban address someday, too!)

I hope you had a good weekend.  I'll be back with more tomorrow -- Saturday was nearly as perfect a day as could be imagined!  But today is Monday, after all, and there's lots to catch up on in all areas of life.



Once again I love, love, love your pictures. The first is my favorite. We had a perfect weather weekend but storms are on the horizon and this week looks "bad". It's all good, but I sure did enjoy the warmth and sun!


What a perfect day! Wonderful shots -- especially the "shadow house." I'm so glad you got to share it with us. :-) I, too, would love to try some rural living (especially if I could learn to drive a tractor. . .) -- AND some urban living.


That looks like such a restful spot to spend the weekend. You got some beautiful photos, too!


Love the barn - you know I have a thing for barns! Living in the city is great, living right downtown is also great, it's the bit in between I'm not so sure about.


Sigh. I could look at your photographs all day...


god how I love your photography...
all of it.


Wonderful farm photos, Vicki. My favorite, if I had to pick is the Farmall flare.

Come visit me in DC! I'll be starting the urban soon. :D

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