Northwoods Jaunt, Day 2: Morning Has Broken
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Northwoods Jaunt, Day 3: No photos

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Well, one photo -- taken on Sunday for Macro May, after we arrived home!  Moss rose on the verge.

After DH took the knitterly photos at Wren Cafe on Saturday afternoon, we drove over to my sister Karen's.  We borrowed the Garmin that we gave Maddy at Christmas and I've fallen in love all over again, detouring our way from Point A to Point B, never worrying about getting lost.  I don't know about you, but my sense of direction, which used to be amazingly good, has completely gone to hell in recent years.

Karen had bought and delivered a load of fresh dirt that morning, and my BIL was busy redistributing it with a shovel to flower beds all around the house when we arrived.  After two days of sitting and visiting, DH was downright eager for physical activity and he helped make quick work of the remaining dirt pile.  My sister loves it when DH is along on visits; he's helped with numerous repairs, over the years, as well as building larger projects such as a bookcase and a deck!  Yes, a deck!

We've often joked about swapping husbands for a week -- work farm style.  Karen would get some of her home improvement/repair projects knocked off and I'd get a freezer full of fish and game.

Anyway, I can't remember the last time I visited at Karen's.  I used to go up there a few times every year when the kids were little, and she'd come here.  Yikes!  I think it's been a year or maybe almost two, which seems unreal.  Theoretically, this could be the last time I visit at that particular house, too, as her husband has a new job at a distance that's too far to commute everyday.  She's lived in her house almost as long as I've lived in mine.  I can't imagine packing up to move.  Thankfully, she'll be finished with her job in another week and will have more time to devote to all the details.

So, I had a garden tour and we enjoyed a great dinner, followed by wine and port sampling 'round the fire pit.  Jena, my niece, was in the northwoods on Saturday, also, to shoot a wedding, and she rolled in (pooped) after the reception.

Sunday morning didn't dawn as well as Saturday, so I snuggled extra-long under the covers.  Rather than doing photography, I talked photography with my niece on Sunday.  We had dueling laptops going for a while, showing our stuff, and I saw Lightroom in action up-close-and-personal for the first time.

It was a swell visit to wind up a really great weekend -- I haven't had one so good in a long time.  Spending an extra day someplace -- one full day -- is the only change I'd make next time.

And now -- I am readying for the Las Vegas vacation!  The car has been rented (with GPS, see above), and I've rented a fun fish-eye camera lens (which should arrive today).  The purse/camera/knitting bag "personal item" did well on its trial run -- more about that soon.

I also had a light bulb moment in regard to traveling with my current knitting project.  I am knitting a blanket in small sections using many colors.  The "small sections" part is great in terms of travel, the "many colors" part is not; however (*light bulb on*), I realized that I do not have to carry all of the many colors with me at all times.  I need only carry with me the few colors (at this point) that I am using on the section currently being worked!  I can pack the other colors in my other, less accessible, carry-on bag.  Woohoo!!



Your jaunt sounds like so much fun. We haven't been on the road for so long. If it makes you feel any better I doubt the light would ever go on for me if I had a project of many colors! lol


Sounds like our husbands are similarly handy. Our daughters always have a "Dad List" when we go visit. Said list is usually discussed ahead of time so he can bring the right tools ;o)


I love light bulb moments!

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