Wanna play?

Oooh, smell this!

Oh, how I wish you could!


I had a dentist appointment this morning and, in general, it's all good.  I've decided to start working on my Dental To-Do List -- because emergency dental work rates right up there with root canals (not that I've ever had a root canal, but I've heard... and I don't EVER want to have one) -- there's $$$ in crown work to be done (dental insurance should cover about half), the first and worst will be done in June.  Yippee.

I met Michael and my dad for lunch at the coffee shop, then Dad came over to my house for a short visit.  It was nice to see him.  He's been having a great visit with siblings, and had good fishing over the weekend.  Brunch on Saturday...


OMG, can you smell those lilacs?  I have one pretty darn scrawny lilac bush, but I picked a bunch (most) of flowers this evening and the bouquet is sitting just off my right shoulder.  It's just heaven...

Today is Day 3 of a bothersome sore throat and, oh, was I ever tired this afternoon.  I took some meds and had a little nap, and was so warm and snuggly under the covers that I did not want to get up.  *Sigh*  But I did.  I'm the definition of "low energy" today!



beautiful beautiful beautiful... i have got to put in a lilac bush in my garden!


Ooh ... lovely! Good luck with the dental work.


The lilacs are gorgeous. I have 3 large bushes, 2 purple and 1 white, but I'd really like a dark purple bush, too. Good luck with that dental work. It's such a drag.


Lilacs are one thing I miss about living in the north - however our magnolias are blooming but there is nothing quite as pretty as the smell of lilacs! Enjoy! And good luck with your summer dental work - mine is looming for the fall I think... grrrr.


Lilacs are so beautiful in a macro. There is a large white bush of them across the street. I really should get over to at least smell them.


My sore throat is getting better...will go to work today. Our lilacs aren't nearly as far as yours! I can't wait for the aroma to hit my nose!!!


LOVE! the macro shots!


Root canals are not so bad, with all the advances dental technologies. I've had two and they were a welcome relief from the constant dental pain I was experiencing. Nevertheless, it's best to have a Dental To-Do List - to keep root canals at bay for as long as possible.

Your lilac photos make me wish I had more time to 1)use my nice camera, and 2)smell the flowers.

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