Busy weekend with babies & bugs
Oooh, smell this!

Wanna play?

Square in progress

Parcheesi!  I'm knitting a baby blanket version of Janine's Parcheesi Afghan.  (There's plenty of inspiration of the Rav variety.)  I've only just started, so it'll be a while before we can play.  And I'm going to be riffing quite a bit, I think, so maybe it won't even be playable in the end.  I'm looking forward to having some fun with it -- with The Process.

Seeing red

I've knit about 6 of 18 squares so far.  Hoping I have enough of this red yarn.  I love that it's not solid red.  Don't love that it's so darn unphotogenic.  I have a couple-few reject squares in reserve, just in case I run short.

My dad's rolling through for a quick visit tomorrow.  I'll see him again at "Mother's Day" brunch on Saturday before he heads back home.  That'll be interesting.  ; )



The afghan is going to be spectacular!

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