Our last full day in Vegas...

Eye of the fish


The fish-eye goes back to BorrowLenses.com today.  I have had a lot of fun with this little thing -- a Canon EF 15mm f/2.8, for those who want to know -- especially in the wide-open Nevada desert and environs of Las Vegas, but also at home.

I took a walk around the house this morning, and stopped at the coffee shop, too.  Ali & Kevin did a little remodeling over the weekend -- removing a huge section of counter top that sometimes felt more like a barrier.  The part where hubby is leaning while reading (about himself) in the paper used to swing all the way around to about where Ali is standing.  Kevin nicely trimmed the rough edges with wood and built some shelving -- the wood gives a nice warmth and really pops off the black laminate!

Anyway.  I switched my normal Wednesday off for Tuesday this week, so am enjoying the last of a 4-day holiday weekend -- which, because I was only at work on Friday last week, feels pretty much like an extension of the Las Vegas vacation.  And the weather has been pretty much gorgeous.  Work?  Wha???

The stars aligned and I ran down to Oshkosh last evening for a photo shoot that's been pending for a while.  The Memorial Day sun was just setting behind Riverside Cemetery.



I'm glad you had fun with the lens!


I love the coffee shop more every time you show it. Wish I'd taken another day off this week. Enjoy!!


What an inviting yard. . . and coffee shop! I feel like just dropping in for a chat (and a latte. . .). :-)

Lynne S of Oz

Fun pics with the fish eye lens! Love the shots of the yard :-)
Going back a post of two, we were in Vegas nearly 15 months ago. Your pics are a whole lot better than the ones DH shot from the car (not that he didn't have time to compose pics given the state of traffic on the Strip) and the bridge across the Colorado is done, hooray! It was a bit of an Evel Knievel job when we were there :-)


I love seeing your house and your backyard and the coffeeshop -- even if through the eye of the fish :)

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