Ten on Tuesday: Camping (ugh!)

Succulents don't suck

They make me happy!  And I need a little happy.  I had some just the other day but I'm not sure where it went... I must have misplaced it!

Book club meets tonight!  We're discussing The Help -- you may recall that my "Help" went missing during the last month's jaunt to Wisconsin Dells.  I had to start another book in the meantime and just finished it last night, so hope the discussion won't ruin it for me.  Sometimes (lately) few members read the book and our meetings end up being pretty social affairs, but this particular book was read by most and discussion may be lively.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my third 4-day weekend in a row.  That ought to make for a little bit of happy, eh?  I'll be heading to the Door County Antique Show in Fish Creek with Mom and Kate.  I'm not in the market for a darn thing, nor am I actively collecting anything at the moment, but you never know what you'll find!  I like to keep an open mind.  Lunch will definitely be a highlight of the day!  I'd like to hit a couple of yarn shops, too.

I plan to be a home-body on Friday and Saturday... maybe see if I remember how to turn on the vacuum cleaner... go the farmers' market... maybe cook some stuff... while cleaning (and cleaning out) some other stuff... laundry, photog work, all the normal weekend stuff.

Sunday's the day I've been looking forward to for a while!  Katie and I will be participating in the 24th Annual Best Friends Gourmet Bike Tour.  There are many routes and distances to choose from; we're going for 25 miles.  The weather forecast looks GREAT and let's hope I haven't jinxed anything by bringing it up.

Things to look forward to... make me feel happier.  Thanks for reading (that makes me happy, too) -- and commenting!  Comments on this here blog now number an astonishing 16,000+, which means we have a winner (details coming soon)!!



Succulents in leftover tea cups, sugar bowls, creamers, etc. is a very cool idea. I may do some copycatting.
You have so much going on and it all sounds fun. I love commenting on your blog and love reading your posts, seeing your pictures and being your friend!!


I'm right there with Margene! :-) I've been planting a lot of succulents in my garden this year -- kind of a new thing for me. They are happy little plants. Your weekend sounds perfect. Enjoy. (Vacuum cleaner? They turn on?)


Succulents are photogenic, too! I loved The Help and would love to participate in a group discussion about the book. I don't think there's much they could give away so hopefully it won't be spoiled for you.


I love your succulents!

My happy has been wandering off lately too. Perhaps mine is with yours? I hope they're having a great time together, and send us a postcard. ;)

Your weekend sounds lovely. :)


I am listening to The Help right now; about 1/3 of the way through. I was a bit put off by how stereotyped the characters are -- the loving, human, expansive Black Mammies, the uptight ex-sorority girls, the promising young black man who is beaten within an inch of his life. But now the story is really beginning to intrigue me (how will Skeeter's book research turn out? will she continue to be unmarried? what will happen when Johnny finds out his wife hired a maid? will Hilly get her comeupance? and so on).


I think I am in need of a four day weekend...maybe one that doesn't involve children or home repairs...does such a thing exist!?!

steph vw

Ok, your last post mentions the Maritimes and now you've put my blog title along with a Canadianism in your post.

I read "The Help" while on vacation two weeks ago. I LOVED it. I practically cheered at the end.


Love your succulent garden. That was a major hobby of mine ten years ago. It overflowed from the house and onto the back patio. A major heat wave with convection oven winds while I was on vacation destroyed them all. I haven't had the heart to start over. Happy comes and goes, it always comes back.

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