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Ten on Tuesday: Camping (ugh!)

10 Things to Bring on a Camping Trip

I have camped -- ages ago! -- but I am not a camper.  At all.  Period.  Not in any way, shape or form.  Don't try to convert me; I've heard it all about how much fun it is; I don't like it.  It is not putting it mildly to say that I hate it.  There are certain aspects that I find quite appealing, but the big picture involves too much work (before, during, and after) and WAY too many variables.  Hell on earth, to me, would be spending wasting a rainy and/or humid and/or mosquitoe-y vacation week (or a weekend) in a tent (or a camper, doesn't really matter) -- clothes that never dry, wet sand that sticks to everything.  Ugh.  I have roughed it, spending many a summer in a cabin that had no indoor plumbing, but that's my limit.  I like walls, a roof, a solid floor, electricity, a real bed.

I might be able to "camp" in a motorhome, but it's the "motor" part of "motorhome" appeals to me most.  My dad took us on a trip around Lake Superior in a motorhome when I was 12 and it was one of the most fun and memorable vacations I've ever had.  Can we do it my way?  Let's GO!

1.  Garmin

2.  Maps

3.  Passport

4.  Knitting

5.  Reading

6.  My bike

7.  Music

8.  Board games and cards

9.  Laptop

10.  Marshmallows, graham crackers, Hershey chocolate bars

By the way, my motorhome is pointed toward the Maritimes and beyond.

One of the most amazing and beautiful things I saw at Conrad Art Glass & Gardens on Sunday was this long, narrow, curving, somewhat undulating, bench-like fence structure that held a multitude of miniature gardens planted mostly in hypertufa vessels.  There were so many things that I loved in this particular spot (hello, hostas nearby! hypertufa! succulents!), where do I begin?

The fence is built on and from an old arborvitae hedge.  You can see the trunks in their role as fence posts in the photos above.  The crosspieces and "xylophone" top are all created using the cut branches.  It is just nothing short of spectacular in its creativity and beauty.  I am completely in love with this fence.  There, I said it!



Me, too! Me, too!! That fence is amazing.


Oh, I'm right with you on all counts! :-) And I think I've already told you about six times, but I'm going to say it again . . . I'm loving the miniature garden thing! And that fence! Wow!


Based on your list of items to pack, you're the only person I'd go camping with...ever! I always opt for a Marriott and hate camping for the same reasons that you mentioned! Your "survival kit", however, would make it so enjoyable! Happy trails...have fun!

Almost forgot...I have to have this fence...complete with hypertufa vessels! How beautiful are they? Thanks so much for sharing!


I'm kind of enjoying this 10 on Tuesday thing - it's amazing how many people I like hate camping (I do too). And yet I never knew that about you! Just makes me like you all the more. Great fence!


Camping is not for everyone. I love a good cabin, too.

steph vw

WHOA! Are you really headed to the Maritimes?


I think I'd like to try camping in a smallish trailer - but I wonder about using communal showers. I think that's my least favorite part. But in a TENT? Nope. Not me. A cabin sounds good to me...

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