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Ten on Tuesday Thursday

Ten Things I Like About Where I Live

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1.  I love my house.

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2.  I love my local coffee shop.  It's pretty cool and the owner is real nice.  Also, there's an interesting guy who has his art studio/gallery upstairs.

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3.  It's an easy, one-hour drive through small towns and farmland to the beautiful Lake Michigan shore.  I can't see the other side, but I always glance over and wave to my near-and-yet-so-far friends in Michigan.

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4.  I can grow lilacs.  I remember how disappointed I was to learn that they wouldn't grow in Oregon.  I ordered one, anyway.  The amazing rhodies sort of made up for the lack of lilacs, but not really.  They're two different things.

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5.  There are some cool local projects that bring people together and highlight some of the great things about our area.  (I've been slacking on the mural progress photos so far this year -- time to fix that!)

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6.  It's only a few hours to the beautiful, peaceful, wilderness of The Big Woods -- way up north -- it's even further north than most Wisconsinites think when they hear the words "up north."  Those kids in the canoe represent the 5th generation of my family to find it the perfect place to retreat and recharge.

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7.  There are some great local yarn shops that host world-class events with big names in the fiber world -- some of whom don't mind crawling around on the floor to autograph people's feet!

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8.  Definite and defined seasons (without which one cannot grow lilacs).  I'm not a big fan of winter, but am willing to suffer it for spring and summer and fall.  But mostly spring.  Then fall.  Then summer.  There's good and bad about them all, really; you just take your lumps and enjoy your nuggets.

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9.  On any given day, it's just so darn beautiful. 


10.  So many of my favorite people live here!  Even the one who will be living in London for a semester next year!  Congratulations, Maddy!!!!



What a beautiful place you are!


I love everything about your home and, sometimes, I 'm a little envious. lol I especially love that coffee shop!
Contrats, Maddy!! WOW, that's amazing news! You must make the trip while she's there, Vicki!


Hard to choose which one of the ten I like the best!!!! Great photos and great choices!!


I really love the pictures of your home and all the reasons that it's special to you. They're all great. Congrats to Maddy! I hope you'll get to visit while she's there.

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

All your reasons are great (with fab photos), but I especially like #3. It's fun to think about our Badger neighbors sending us greetings across Lake Michigan. And I'm sure I'm not the only one looking for the Wisconsin shoreline with the setting sun.

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