Ten on Tuesday: Camping (ugh!)


I guess you could call it a pretty good and busy weekend when, on Sunday night, you can barely recall what was happening on Saturday morning!  Thank goodness for Facebook updates.

According to my daughter, I "bought out the farmers' market" on Saturday morning.  There were more vendors this week than previously -- and I believe the number will swell a bit more before tapering off -- and I stocked up on a few staples, such as local maple syrup and honey.  It was a bountiful and happy morning.  I love my tiny local market!

I spent some time processing a couple of recent photo shoots, did a little laundry and cooking -- normal weekend stuff.

I went for a nice, meandering 12-mile bike ride on Saturday evening.  People, I lied.  The biking is definitely getting easier -- I am getting stronger, getting to know my bike better, loving it more and more.  And I'll tell you a couple more reasons why:

  • In less than three weeks (90 miles), I feel so much stronger -- all over!  My core, my arms, my legs, my tummy, my butt -- everything feels tighter (even if it isn't exactly looking tighter... I'm hoping that'll become FAIRLY evident, even if only to my own eyes, at some point in the not-too-distant future).  I can feel it when I get up from a chair, walk across a room -- and, oh my, it sure feels good!
  • I have ankles again!  I've kept my trap shut in case it was a fluke -- sometimes I don't have a clue as to why I'm any more or less swollen on a particular day -- but it's been over a week, with very little change.  I first noticed it when we were up north last weekend, but thought perhaps it had to do with weather/temperature/pressure/who-the-hell-knows-what.  I'm not talking "less swollen" here, either, I'm talking "Look! There's shape, a defined ankle bone! Who knew?"
  • I can't wait to ride!  I go places in the car and think how great it would be to explore on the bike; always a fan of back roads, I have become a little obsessed.

On Sunday, I accompanied Dawn Koehler on a visit to Conrad Art Glass & Gardens -- Larry and Sarah are gracious hosts and guides, and their garden is a most delightful place.  Short on time today, I made a little movie from a few of the photos I took "On a Sunday afternoon."  Enjoy!



I'm so excited to hear you talk about your bike and your enjoyment of it! The payoffs of "working on your fitness" will just continue. How wonderful that you've found the type of exercise that suits you! And ankles? What a bonus!

Love the photo-movie. I'm so taken with the miniature gardens. I've been seeing them on so many tours this year.


The garden is stunning and thank you for creating such a fun way to see it. The stone pots on the walls are so intriguing and I really much check into making on of my own.


I think it's fantastic that you are enjoying the bike and seeing real benefits from it, too.

Kristi aka FiberFool

If you are ever in need of a blog post topic, I'd love to hear what camera gear you are biking with and how you are transporting it :-D The slideshow was lovely!


I think it's terrific that you're enjoying your bike. I'm actually looking at getting one, we have bunches of friends that are biking fanatics, and I think it would be a great way to get in shape. Which Trek FX did you get, and are you happy with it in general? Would you change the model now that you've ridden it for a bit?

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