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What's the meaning of this?


As I was working on (i.e., straightening) photos from my mom and stepdad's recent travels to Japan and Italy, I came across this little nugget of a photo and smiled.  But I really do wonder.  What is the meaning of this??  My stepdad says that he took this photo in a cemetery and that there were about two dozen of these guys all in one area wearing red crocheted caps.



Oh my goodness! Maybe they were expecting a cold front???? The Case of the Curious Crocheted Cap is now. . . officially open.


Funny! Love it.

Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

I don't know what it means, but I have a suggestion / possibility. In some cultures red either wards off evil spirits or brings luck. So maybe it's an attempt to keep the spirits happy and on the right track?

The photo is so cute, though. The hats look exactly like the ones our church handwork group sent to Guatemala for the newborns at the hospital (to protect from evil spirits).


Red is an important color in Chinese culture, but this is too cute!!


I think I found the answer at www.peggyorenstein.com/articles/2002_mourning_miscarriage.html


Thank you, Lee!!  That's so sweet and sad and powerful.



You can tell it's a special place. Thank you to the person who found the answer. I was very curious.


well, if you had a little bald cement head, you might need a crocheted cap, too!

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