Ten on Tuesday: Bacon
As established yesterday...

Ain't no cure for the summertime blahs

Except this:


My youngest nephew turned 3 last weekend!  He's in a Toy Story phase, while his big (by 2 years) brother is in a Star Wars phase, so it makes for some interesting play.  And, finally, play they do... together... and pretty darn well.  I've never heard such awesome sound effects from a 3yo before!


Yummy cake.

And this:


Please pardon the volume, but these girls make me laugh... and sometimes sing... heart bursting.

It has been a weird -- very weird -- sometimes worrisome week.

  • First of all, the weather is complete crap -- hot and so uncomfortably humid.
  • It is torture to walk the dog, never mind ride my bike -- and race day is coming!
  • This morning, it started raining like hell just before I left for work and I encountered three flooded intersections between here and there.  Unheard of.
  • There's been some under-the-weatherness in the house, which (yay!) I think is now over.
  • Katie was rear-ended a block from work on Monday and her car is likely totalled.
  • When I returned from picking her up after work that night, I checked my email before bed and learned that my sister and her youngest son were hit head-on in a collision earlier that day (that very same day!) involving three vehicles and her car is completely smushed.
  • Thankfully, other than some chafing from seatbelts, everyone seems to have escaped serious injury.
  • I feel like there are a million pans in the fire.
  • Sometimes it seems the more I try to simplify and slow things down, the more complicated they become and faster the treadmill goes.
  • There have been a lot of fireworks.

Summertime blahs, for sure.  I hate it like this and can't wait to turn off the a/c.  I hope it's better by you!



Uh, I hate August too and the summertime blahs. I am ready for cooler weather and perhaps a little slow down from all the scorching hot pans. There's no more room in the fire! Plus I want to knit with some yummy wool - the cotton is getting old. You're not alone!


Ahhhh. Life! It really is miserable-hot this year. I'm trying my best to store these hot, steamy August (and July!) days in my memory . . . to bring them out in, oh, say late January. I'm hoping for a bit of a slow-down for you, and cooler weather for your big biking weekend. Your family is beautiful -- and I'm sure an "island" in the raging river of life!


The good news is everyone is ok! It's no wonder you're overwhelmed. Here's sending you a very peaceful rest of summer, my friend. Your girls are beautiful, unique women. Way to go!


Thank God everyone in your family is safe with no major injuries...you'll all very lucky and very blessed!

As talented as you obviously are in the arts, your girls are your most glorious creations...hands down! I always thought things would slow down in my life as my children grew older and finally moved out of our home to pursue their own dreams. No way...I love my life but I feel as if I'm on a runaway train sometimes! I'm always running and/or worrying about one of them! The price of being a mother, I guess!


I'm so glad no one was hurt! I hope you can get some bike rides in and I hope the weather turns to your liking and I hope you get some of those pans finished off and OUT of the fire.

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