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We're barely into September and I'm already booked straight through to the end (seriously, a 9/30 appointment was booked just this morning).  I'm looking forward to it all -- there's a lot of Really Fun Stuff that I want to do!

For instance, I'm participating in the Wiener & Kraut Day "Amazing Race" with my sister this weekend.  My only regret is that my event occurs at the same time as the doxies' "Weenies On Parade."

The next day, I'll be attending the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival -- for the very first time -- with that same sister + another + nephews!  Can you believe that I have never been to WSW?  It honestly looks on-par with Rhinebeck, though I doubt I'll find Artichokes French... or comparable chicken pot pies (oh, the food!)... and there will be different faces (I do miss my NYSW faces).

I'll be driving to Maddy's school (3-hour RT) twice this month (so far), as well as heading south at least one more time; sprinkle in a couple of photo shoots and the processing of those + some already in the can, and...

I'm taking October off.  I may do a charity bike ride early in the month, and a possible long-weekend super-fun mind-blowing amazing trip later in the month, but otherwise I'm not doin' Nothin'.

(I recently rediscovered my "Raising Sand" CD and, boy, I sure love that song.  And a bunch more.)

I guess I like being busy, and I've always worked best under pressure, but I don't like being overwhelmed, and the waves are lapping at my toes.  I'm scattered, forgetful, and easily distracted.

51TRdKukRuL__SL160_ Can you believe -- as excited as I was -- that I never actually consummated my pre-order of Aran Knitting?  I noticed some chatter about it on Ravelry yesterday -- comparisons of estimated delivery dates and whatnot -- and went to check my order for my estimated delivery date... WHAT ORDER?  Ha!  There it was, sitting in my cart!  Yeah.  I panicked for a split-second about a sell-out and just-my-luck and the exorbitant, inflated price I'd have to pay, and then took care of that; it'll be in-hand at this time next week!  Sheesh.

In other, very exciting news, I wove in the last end of Parcheesi (Phase I) yesterday!!  Tempted as I was to throw it all in the wash (my front-ender's "hand wash" cycle is SO AMAZINGLY GENTLE that even St. Brigid's been thrown into the drink), I had book club and knew I wouldn't have time to pin it all out.  Ooooh, it was hard, and I was so tempted to stay home rather than be social.  Heh.  I had a good time -- it would have been great had my food been better (I am getting picky and particular).  Anyway, I'll be doing the wash TONIGHT!  I haven't been this excited to do laundry in a while.




Oh, it looks like I'll miss seeing you this weekend. Darn! Have a fun time, Vicki. WS&W is fun but different than Rhinebeck. They both stand on their own, I think. Rhinebeck is certainly larger though.


Busy is good but down time is important, too. You'll need October to recharge! I can't wait to see the blanket.


Maybe next year I can get to WS&W; we will be on the North Shore when it happens this year.

I have that album, too -- love it, especially the drum line on Gone, Gone, Gone.

What did your book group read this month? I'll be reading Shanghai Girls by Lisa See next week for my book club the following week.


WS&W sounds sooo neat - maybe someday (not that I can't get in enough trouble just sitting at the computer). Have a great time. Can't wait to see Parcheesi all finished!


Your schedule makes ME tired. It all sounds wonderful, however.
If you haven't seen it you must watch CMT Crossroads with Plant and Krauss. It's amazing.


Oh, love that CD. What a great audio clip -- thanks! Sounds like a fabulous weekend you have planned -- fitness, family, friends, fun . . . and yarn, of course!


I seriously hope you bring the camera and blog about the Weiner and Kraut festivities!

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