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Not crazy about driving to work in it.

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These are from last night on my way back from points south.  I took the long way around my favorite side of the lake.  I tried to beat the sun going down on the other side, but didn't quite.  It wasn't a spectacular sunset in the way one might think "spectacular," but it was beautiful nonetheless.

The bulk of the move has been accomplished.  There is still much settling to be done... all in good time, I guess.  Gracie took to her new home like butter to bread.  Honestly, I think that anywhere my sister goes is home to Gracie.  Art Deco didn't arrive at his new home until after my departure and I still haven't heard how that went.  Such a cute apartment!

There was a Halloween party yesterday at the boys' house -- just wait 'til you see!!

I started feeling a scratchy throat late Saturday afternoon, it was still there yesterday and after waking me numerous times during the night, I decided that I'd better get it checked out and make sure it's not strep or something -- uncommon in adults, they say, but I've been that sort of uncommon before.  Yeah.  So, no, it's not strep.  Allergy stuff, probably, so I'm doing the Zyrtec-type stuff.  I'm worn out after a busy weekend of hard work and partying, though!  Good thing there's some time off on the horizon!



I walk every morning at 5:00am and there is something about the dark that draws me, calls me. I may not answer that call once the cold settles in, however.
You haven't stopped running the whole summer long. Sending good thoughts that you'll feel better quickly and looking forward to your boys in costume!


We get up at 5 and driving to work in the dark really sucks. It gets worse when it gets colder, too.
You have been so busy, I'm glad you are getting some time off soon.


I had a sore throat for a day or 2, along with about 5 or 6 friends and co-workers. It seems to be allergy/pollen/weather related, and it doesn't turn into anything worse. Hope yours is the same. Less talking, more drinking!


I never had strep as a kid. . . but I had it as an adult. It was AWFUL. So glad you got it checked out. Take care of yourself, Vicki. You really have been burning the candle at both ends lately! :-)

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