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Crazy Town

I went shopping with Kate & Al this afternoon.  Shopping!!  That's not a bandwagon that I usually jump on, but I actually asked to go along when I overheard them making plans the other day.

It was super crazy out there!!  It was a craptastic weather day today, though not as bad as what's a bit to the north and west, so folks were out!  I wasn't Christmas shopping -- I really won't be doing any of that this year (stay tuned) -- but the holidays are definitely in the air.

I needed stuff like Kleenex, a curtain rod, rugs for the back and front doors, and found some of the hand towels and washcloths I like on super clearance.  Fun stuff!  Heheh.

Now I'm home and have HUGE pot of Farmer Armando's local grass-fed beef cooking with some of his garlic and my homemade tomato sauce, and another pot of lasagna noodles, and I'm going to throw it all together in a sec -- two pans of lasagna so that the girls can all have some to take home and that I can save for lunch.

Al's in the basement working on some new signs.  We're busy, busy bees today!



I'm not much for shopping either but I do like to go with Hannah - it's fun to hang out together! Glad you got to spend time with your girls this weekend.


Shopping! GAH! But, it's wonderful that you were able to enjoy some shopping with your daughters. The signs look so intriguing and artistic!

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