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It's November!

November: the month of my birth.  Celebrations have commenced.  Maddy has to attend a mandatory meeting on Saturday, so she gave me my presents early.

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A beautiful bouquet.  The vintage vase is mine -- and SO PERFECT for these flowers, which were augmented and, I daresay, enhanced by the inclusion of some, well, weeds... dead ones... like this:

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I love my girls!

She also gave me a brooch and instructions not to actually wear it 'til I'm old... which must mean that I'm not there yet.

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It is really awesome, and I almost can't wait to get old!  Heh.  Snagged at RiverEdge Galleries in Mishicot on a trip out to the lake, she also found this fabulous old photo:

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I love it in so many ways!

My birthday will be celebrated intermittently and possibly even sporadically this year due to unforeseen circumstances from which the dust hasn't even settled yet.  I was informed this morning that there had been plans for a surprise party (again!) (now scrapped), mainly because Addison would have loved it -- and I love that!  I suggested that it would really be a surprise to have a surprise party for no good reason, when no one expected any sort of party at all!  Maybe we'll have one in January for his mom.

Anyway, I was going to celebrate for a week, but, falling on a weekend, I couldn't decide whether I should call it the week before or the week after, and pretty much decided BOTH!  And now, I'll just celebrate for as long as I feel like celebrating... could be right through Thanksgiving or even the whole month.

Haha!  There will be cake.



Do it, celebrate for the whole month, Vicki!! You deserve it!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating for the whole month! Lovely flowers, Vicki.


Beautiful flowers! Celebrate for as long as you want.

Julia in KW

Absolutely celebrate for the month...I do that to birthday is VERY close to Christmas, so everyone thinks I get short-changed (and sometimes I do), but often it means that everyone is together to celebrate my birthday. This year is the big 5-0, so the celebrating is starting even earlier (more than a month in advance)...right on...celebrate every day!!!


Yes, I say celebrate for the whole month! The 6th just isn't big enough!


I celebrate mine with friends and family as schedules permit. My consolation? My personal policy is that you don't have to start stating the new age until the final festivity is concluded. Just sayin'...


happy birthday to you

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

Enjoy your birthday week (or weeks... or MONTH)!

Honore Francois

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! I am surmising from a previous comment that today - Nov 6 is the big day. And I think that a month-long celeb is a superb idea, especially since I am also a Nov birthday gal. So, I'll be thinking of you every day as we celebrate.
Here's to a super month and life.

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