Just my luck

...a post that went POOF!  Not the fault of Typepad, more my stupid home network. So, here we go:

  • Packers handily beat the Vikings today in Minnesota!
  • I bound off the first border edge of Parcheesi while watching!
  • Was watching at my mom's and had a little complaint about a pain and she sent me off to urgent care (actually, she insisted on "taking her baby" to the doctor).
  • I have been prescribed an antibiotic to treat an infection.
  • This explains the chills and sleepiness that made up half of my weekend.
  • I knit and nodded off for several hours last night, catching up on TiVo'd TV, and was in bed at 8... and slept 'til 9.
  • I felt pretty good all day today.  So, if that infection clears up, I'm good.
  • Parcheesi rocks!



Yay, moms! And yay, Parcheesi!

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