Parcheesi progress


There's a tab labeled Prompts over at the NaBloPoMo website, in case one needs a little inspiration -- or focus, as the case may be.

Today's prompt is:  What do you *really* wish you were doing right now, and how soon do you think you can make it happen?

I'm not sure that's helpful to me.

Though one thing I *really* wish I was doing right now is sewing up my Parcheesi Blanket!  I'll be making that happen as soon as I'm finished here and eat a quick lunch!  And then I'll make it happen again some more this evening.

I've been sewing the strips to the six large squares -- did one more while watching/FF'ing the CMAs last night -- making six large pieces which will then need to be joined together.  I have one more square/strip combo to sew into a "large piece."  Then, after sewing the six large pieces into one (a blanket!), I'll be knitting a border around the whole thing and then... THEN... then it'll be FINISHED!

(If this blog was equipped with blog-o-vision, you would see that I am SMILING right now!)

I tidied up my knitting space the other day -- the immediate area around the chair where I usually sit and knit.  It looks pretty good and it feels great, but it has left me yearning for more... organization, separation, clarity in my work spaces.  Everything's jumbled and it's all making me feel jumbled.

You know, now that I actually have a few minutes here and there to contemplate how I feel.  Originally, I was just going to switch my day off this week so that I could go to my uncle's funeral and then be all business as usual through Friday -- holding off all the regular day-off stuff to pile up behind the regular weekend stuff, which is bumping up against all the other previously put-off stuff.  But my boss asked if I still wanted Wednesday off, too, and I thought, "Yeah, you know, I'm beginning to see a glimmer at the end of the tunnel and I don't want to lose it!  I should take the extra day!"  So I did.  And I really am starting to see time free time that might actually be, you know, FREE!

I also found three sweaters in various states of "almost finished," and I *really* need to FINISH THEM!


(This photo has nothing to do with anything.)  (It's not my favorite photo of Kate, and the light was sort of weird -- hello trees with no leaves in the late-day sun! -- but there's something very compelling about it... and her expression, or lack thereof... and I think I like it.)


Kristi aka FiberFool

There's nothing like the excitement of nearing the end on a longer term project. I can totally understand your wanting to be working on it now.

I like the photo. It has an air of mystery about and makes me wonder and question.

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

"blog-o-vision"---Love it!


You are going to love that blanket *forever*! Kate looks like she's thinking *really, mom*. ;-)


Your blanket to be looks very promising!


That photo is very intriguing. To me, her expression says, "Oh, yeah? You think so?"

Or, "Don't even think about messing with me. I'll take you out before you can blink."

I read a lot of murder/suspense -- can you tell?


You know what's compelling you? She looks just like her Dad in this photo. A lot. I've never noticed it before.

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