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Ya think?

Yesterday's Parcheesi photos were taken just inside the front door due to crappy cloudy November day light.  I had to move the new floral-patterned rug out of the way.  I walked through the kitchen a little later and saw the new back door rug in a whole new -- yet, very familiar -- way.

Haha!  Told ya!  All stripes, all the time.  I'm even wearing my new striped turtleneck today!  Is it just me?




Just noticed the testament to our weird November weather with DH's plaid wool scarf hanging right by his Birkie sandals.
; )


I'm looking at a very red wall (my office) and the only stripes here are in the flag (to my right). However, your house full of color and textural delights would be a much happier place to be! Love the stripes, Vicki!


LOL! I have a friend that has a drawer dedicated to all her striped shirts/tops. Seriously.


hee hee, me too! i've been knitting stripes for months and hoarding striped fabrics.

Honore Francois

I like your stripes...

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