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Ten on Tuesday: Movies

Ten on Tuesday10 Movies You'd Like To See In The Theater

...on the Big Screen, baby!

1.  Doctor Zhivago.  This was the first "grown up" movie that I really remember seeing -- I feel like I was maybe 11, but if we saw it in the year it was released (1965), I was actually a bit younger.  I went with my mother.  She was fresh from a course on Russian history and full of knowledge -- which she whispered into my ear throughout the movie.  "Lara's Theme" definitely found a place in my piano repertoire.  I loved -- love -- everything about this move; certain scenes etched for eternity on my brain.  Rod Steiger as Komarovsky made a very big impression on me... very big... and definitive.

2.  The Sound of Music.  A sing-along would be fun!  Or spontaneous dancing in Antwerp!

3.  Show Boat.  I saw this movie -- dark and grainy -- on late-night TV when I was a teen and was riveted and mesmerized by the actors, the story, the music.  Show Boat solidified my love of musicals!

4.  Oklahoma!  Oh, what a beautiful mornin'... Where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain.  I adore this movie!

5.  Das Boot.  This is the first foreign, subtitled movie I saw -- with my sister in an old Milwaukee theater -- and I loved it!  I asked for it a few years ago at my local video store and, when the computers suddenly went haywire, I couldn't help but wonder if he'd typed in "DOS boot."

6.  To Kill A Mockingbird.

7.  A Busby Berkeley song and dance extravaganza.

8.  The Jungle Book.  This is the first movie I remember seeing with my siblings -- my mother took us and it was at a theater some distance away.  We arrived late, after the movie had already begun.  Somehow she talked the usher into letting us stay -- or we just stayed put -- for the next showing to see what we'd missed, and we ended up staying for the whole thing!

9.  Gone With The Wind.  I was still in high school when GWTW was being shown in theaters again and I talked my then-boyfriend into taking me (WHAT was I thinking).  We arrived late (though, as it turns out, we literally missed about a minute).  He positively did NOT want to be there and was NOT going to open his mind, so we left early... way, way, WAY early!  I never did see it on the big screen.

10.  The Wizard of Oz.  The showing of The Wizard of Oz on TV every year when I was a kid was an EVENT -- even on our tiny black and white TV!  I never knew that the whole Oz part was in color 'til many years later -- and, actually, I think it was a little scarier in b&w.  There are many wonderful actors in this movie, of course, but Ray Bolger was always my favorite -- and I still cry at their good-bye, every time (*sniff*).

P.S.  I finished seaming Parcheesi last night!  SQUEE!!!  Now all I have to do is cast on 93 million stitches and knit the border.



Too bad we can't go to the movies together. Love your list. I'm so, so, so excited about Parcheesi!!


Love your list! They were showing The Wizard of Oz at the local theater a few years ago, I still regret not going to see it!


I saw a live production of Showboat in 1972 at the Vienna (yes, Austria) Opera House with Paul Robeson singing the very same tune! Standing ovation. Twice. It was awesome.

Kristi aka FiberFool

I should have cast my mind to classic musicals, but DH likes to watch them a little more frequently than I so they don't often land on my list of "must watch" too often. But that really was an opportunity I missed! I should have put White Christmas and Singing in the Rain on the list though.


Doctor Zhivago on the big screen would be wonderful!


My Dad had to explain the whole "horse of a different color" joke to us cause all I saw was a grey horse every time.


Oh, I love Dr. Zhivago! Like you, it is the first "grown up" movie I saw. Haven't thought of it in years, but it's now on my Netflix queue!

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